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Monday, January 9, 2012

20-Year-Old Mother Of A Three-Week-Old Girl Was Abducted And KNIFED TO DEATH

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Kirsty Treloar, 20, was killed at her family home around 7am yesterday.

Her brother Dean, 22, was stabbed three times in the chest and side and sister Gemma, 24, slashed in the arm as they rushed to protect Kirsty.

She suffered at least one stab wound and was then dragged from the house screaming: “Please, please, no, please.”

Kirsty was bundled into a Fiat Stilo which sped from the street in Hackney, East London, with screeching tyres. She is then believed to have been attacked again.

The vehicle was found abandoned 90 minutes later in nearby Homerton, with Kirsty’s body inside.

Cops and medics raced to the house she also shared with mum Pamela Dabney, 57, American stepdad Michael and sister Jade, 16. Kirsty’s baby was unharmed but was still taken to hospital as a precaution and was under observation last night.

A few days ago Kirsty put a touching photo of the little girl, wearing a Father Christmas outfit, on her Facebook page.

A neighbour was woken by a woman screaming and sounding “extremely distressed”. She said: “She was hysterical.”

Neighbour Robert Mead heard Kirsty being dragged to the car.

He said: “I heard a window or bottle smash. There was a commotion and shouting. I heard the woman scream, ‘Please, please no, please’, a car door slam shut and then screeching of tyres.”

Dean was in a stable condition in hospital last night and Gemma was discharged.

Kirsty’s death comes after new mum Ruby Love, 23, of Wembley, North London, was found dead in a canal on Christmas Day. Her boyfriend has been charged with murder.

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