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Saturday, January 14, 2012

BET President Stephen Hill Accused of Sexual Harassment by Former Employee

If you were a heterosexual at BET in the New York offices, you were basically an outcast…that man (Stephen Hill) destroyed my initial dreams, he ruined my relationship with certain people.” ~ David K. Far-El

HSK Exclusive - The man who played a key role in the success of BET’s longest running hip hop/rap show Rap City, says his former boss and the current president of BET, Stephen Hill, is the type of man who uses his position to make his employees put out sexually or get out.

In part one of this four part exclusive interview with Jacky Jasper, David K. Far-El reveals what he says was an extremely uncomfortable encounter with Hill – which ultimately led to him being blacklisted in the field of entertainment.

“I’m not talking from a homophobic aspect here, I never in all my life felt so uncomfortable around a gay person the way I felt around the current President of BET,” says Far-El, of his Hill in-car experience in which he did not comply with. “When I got out the car, my man gave me this limp wack hand shake, he looked at me with disgust in his face, like he was disappointed — I walked out of BET Friday, the golden child — I came back to BET that Monday, suddenly I was the black sheep.”

During this very shocking conversation, Jacky Jasper learns how one mans journey to follow his dream career was attempted to be revoked, all because he wasn’t down with Stephen Hill’s sexual ritualistic program. It’s an encounter which Far-El has documented in his book “BET, DBRAD & ME – A Conversation w/ David K. Far-El” – “A humorous yet, provocative conversation, entailing his career in the television and music industry”, available at and Books.

This book chronicles the authors life in the television/music industry in the urban market,from Black Entertainment Television to the Chappelle show. The author delivered a crisp, humourous, yet informative story line, which keeps you hooked. This book is for anyone who is interested in this field of work as well as those of us, who just want to know what goes on behind the scenes. All I have to say is “WOW”, it will totally change your perception about the business of music and television. The stuff that goes on….unbelievable! –Amazon

David K. Far-El has had a rollercoaster ride through the entertainment industry. From production assistant to producer, he has seen behind the curtains of B.E.T. shows such as RapCity, 106 & Park, The Chappelle’s Show, countless videos, and interviews during the rise of today’s sports and music stars. In BET, Dbrad & Me, Far-El shares his account of what goes on when the camera turns off!

Hill, Diddy and LA Reid have ruined alot of artists..

a bunch of butt hole bandits, always got a bunch of women--but love men!

folks don't want to face it--big ups to Street King for bringing the TRUTH!

Great interview...could this be the "homosexual ritual" that Professor Griff spoke of in his video series re: the only way a person can get ahead in the entertainment industry? This all can't be a coincidence, and for the interviewer in this vid; this is a tragedy, not a laughing matter....or was that nervous laughter? Either way, it's devastating to see men emasculating other men at such an alarming rate. This is PURE EVIL.

There are too many undercover homo's in the music industry. I see why the underground Hip Hop is not represented on BET and MTV. The homos who are controlled by the illuminati run the show to put out the Pop Rap and that Dirty South.

To the brotha who was interviewed man, keep your head up and do you man. God has your back in righteousness.

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