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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

boy finds Christ yrs after satanic murder


This case was allegedly covered up by wealthy and powerful people (Shadow Government).

The autopsy report reveals the full horror of the satanic slaying of a six-year-old boy, in the murder that Ireland forgot. The 38-year-old autopsy report, details the brutal, ritual murder of little John Horgan at the hands of his 16-year-old babysitter (the babysitter's family had powerful connections).

The boy was lured away in a Jamie Bulger-style murder by his older neighbor on June 14 1973. He was bludgeoned to death and crucified to the attic roof of a family home near Lucan, west Dublin. A chalice with holy communion hosts was found in the room with the body. It was a crime that so shocked the nation that it was quickly rushed through the legal system and has hardly been reported on since. At the time murders were rare, but the killing of a child by a teenager in a satanic slaughter was incomprehensible to a shocked public.

In the rush to forget the horror, an inquest was never formally held to issue a death certificate.

The satanic teenage killer, who was never named because of his age, has found God. He is now living in the UK and is closely involved in a church community. He was deeply obsessed with satanism at the time he carried out the murder.

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