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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

cedric dont do it

A while ago Cedric the Entertainer’s personal assistant/roommate reportedly died from cancer, but the streets are saying Cedric’s homeboy actually died from AIDS.

Did the video model Vida Guerra show up at the deceased memorial with her homegirls to have an orgy with Martin Lawrence’s entourage?
Here’s what a source had to say:

“Years ago Cedric’s assistant died from AIDS and it was hidden as Cancer. Supposedly this guy lived with Ced off and on and traveled with him regularly. Rumors were going around that Ced had some male friends on the side. Dude was paid well and drove a flashy ride …all paid for by Ced.”

After the funeral there’ was a reception. Don’t believe me.. Ask Cedric and Martin Lawrence’s entourage.
Here’s what was revealed:

“After Cedric buried his friend we all went back to some house for a memorial. The memorial was at some boxers house in Encino.

I remember when Vida Guerra showed up with her girls the party got started. Martin Lawrence’s boys and Cedric’s crew all went with Vida and her girls to pool house. Vida and her girls were stripping and also charging the men for sex.

Jacky, Vida was the star of the show.”

Is it disrespectful to have an orgy at a dead man’s funeral? I think so, but a funeral won’t stop a hoe from getting her money. Don’t believe me.. Ask Vida Guerra.

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