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Friday, January 20, 2012



Please get some inside information on Orlando Gordon, husband of London Charles (Deelishis). He was indicted last week on drug and weapons charges. I thought he was just a club promoter. I saw on another site that Deelishis, Ayana Kilpatrick (Kwame’s sister), Velencia Williams, and Sara Stokes are shopping a reality show called Motor City Wives.

Thanks Jacky

I got the drop for you on Orlando Gordon, who’s married to reality star Deelishis.
Here’s what was revealed to me about the Motor City drug trafficker Orlando Gordon:

“Orlando dropped out of Cadillac Elementary School in the 4th grade.He caught his first drug case at the age of sixteen. Onetime Orlando got busted and his mother Debra took the charges and did four and a half years.

Orlando has three brothers Lad, Skinny and Ramone. His mother Debra, sister Keetia and three brothers helped build his drug empire. Orlando’s brother Skinny was murdered over drugs.

Jacky, Orlando got busted five years ago with a 150K.

Orlando is from Puritan and Hubble Ave, that’s one of the first areas in Detroit to get hit with the crack epidemic.

Orlando is now facing life and Deelishis is facing charges too.”

Is Deelishis married to a drug dealer? Of course she is. Don’t believe me.. Ask Sara Stokes.

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