The Spook Who Sat By the Door The Spook Who Sat By the Door

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

from bru jacky j

This dude acts like a total big shot, but I’m not impressed. Know why? Because this dude has done a series of really funny things to achieve his goals mane!

The very first time I ever saw him he was in a video for the English 80′s pop group “Five Young Cannibals”. That’s when he was dressed in capri pants, as he danced for the camera. He later made his way into the music business from working for a record company, and living with the homosexual owner of that record company.

Dude turned producer, and quickly became an overnight success….despite that fact that he has no idea know where to find B Sharp on a piano. But, he found a way to overcome his incapability by hiring other people to create his beats, while taking all the credit.

Dude is notorious for ripping off black kids from the ghetto, stealing all of their publishing. And, even though every group he’s worked with landed platinum or gold records, those artists remain broke. But his jump offs actually make more money than the artists who are signed to him. He even went as far as ripping off and exploiting his deceased friend. And because of him, one rapper is not even allowed back into America.

Dude is a total fame whore — He spent all kinds of money on a birthday party for his son, because it was to premiere on MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16″. You may remember during an MTV appearance, Mick Jagger said dude should get his teeth fixed.

I have no idea why black people support his goofy clothing line when he doesn’t give a shit about them. And, only teens who think dude is somebody, would purchase his overpriced cologne…which smells like crap

While on a shopping spree, dude ran into a sales clerk who he liked…and hired him to be his buffoon side kick. Now, this side kick actually thinks he has talent. But, guess what? He doesn’t!

I think this bi-sexual dude should just come out of the closet, and try to wash some of the blood from his dirty hands by investing money back into the poor black communities that he stole from. Don’t you agree?

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