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Monday, January 23, 2012

Hollywood is Turning Young Girls Into Sluts? its turning our generation into some

Is Disney turning our young girls into whores or is Disney separate and the influence is coming from Hollywood.
Disney and Hollywood are turning young girls into sluts and B.E.T. is turning black children into ignorant buffoons. Hollywood has and always will market and sell R-rated sexually explicit movies to children. Jacky you know better than I do that the entire illuminati system is designed to distract the american people from the truth and the facts. Their goal is to dumb down the 99% american population while the 1% wealthy elite make more money at the expense of the poor and working class. It is no coincidence that so many former disney girls are all drugged up hoes. Hollywood is apart of the illuminati, make no mistake about it.

A source close to the rapper Drake leaks disturbing news to HSK and guess what–I’m going to share it with you.

Here’s what was revealed to me about a underage teenage girl in the Young Money camp:

“Drake ain’t feeling them dudes in the camp. Lil Wayne just signed a underage girl and she was told that she’s replacing Shanell.

The kid is a writer and they flew her out from Los Angeles to Maimi. They turned her dreams into a nightmare. They have her out there writing for Shanell, she’s now hooked on cocaine.

The kid is smoking weed all day and they told her that cocaine will help her
with her creative skills.

It’s disgusting, she’s a kid and the Young Money Nicca’s is taking turns on her.”

I’m seeking more information about this teenager. Know why? Because I’m told she believes her record deal will be terminated if she was to come forward. Don’t believe me.. Ask Lil Twist.

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