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Friday, January 13, 2012

Is Carmelo Anthony Hiding In The Closet?

HSK Exclusive - New York Knicks Forward, Carmelo Anthony, just may be living his life as a low-down switch-hittin’ brother. That’s because, a credible source says the NBA All-Star Player is playing for the other team (and you know exactly what team we’re talking about, ladies and gentlemen – nuff said)!

Here’s what was revealed to me about Carmelo Anthony, who is married to La La Vazquez:

” Five years ago, a dude who had Carmelo’s voice mail password played me and my friend a slew of messages. After cracking into the voicemail it became apparent that Superhead was on Melo’s voice mail, along with the voices of several dudes – asking Melo when he was planning to send for them, saying they missed him.

It was plain to see that Carmelo’s apartment was used for smashing and partying. The dude who had access to Carmelo’s voice mail and apartment was a cat known as Chosen.”

Sources say Chosen is a professional con-man from St. Louis – whose reported M.O. is to con his way into celebrity and socialite circles. Insiders tell us Chosen will do whatever it takes to get into those circles – including smashing men and women. Don’t believe me.. Ask Lisa Raye, who Chosen is said to have hooked Benzino up with.

But wait, it doesn’t stop there!

Chosen allegedly impersonated Missy Elliot, while he had her Black American Express Card information. That’s when he reportedly called a Gucci store, acting as Missy’s personal assistant to purchase goods from the high-end line. But playing Missy’s assistant isn’t the first time Chosen has reportedly impersonated someone else.

Insiders tell us he’s also claimed to have worked for Beyonce. But this alleged instance wasn’t exactly for illegal profit. Know why? Because sources say it was to save his own ass – LITERALLY! It all allegedly happened during a date gone bad. Chosen reportedly told the trick he worked for Beyonce – threatening to charge the trick with rape, if the unknown man hurt him. Sources tell HSK that very trick now tricks hard on Terrance J!

Is Carmelo Anthony a switch hitter? I don’t know, but the streets are talking…and the streets don’t lie. Don’t believe me.. Ask Karrine “Superhead” Steffans

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