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Sunday, January 22, 2012

NO MORE RING: Federal Agents SEIZE Deelishis' ENGAGEMENT RING . . . They Say It Was Bought With DRUG MONEY!!!


January 21, 2012: Deelishis called us a LIAR when we told y'all that her husband was ARRESTED and charged with being the head of the biggest Detroit drug ring. Well listen to what the DETROIT NEWS had to say about it:

Drug agents have spent almost five years investigating a large-scale drug ring and seized more than $1 million cash, classic cars and more than $130,000 in jewelry.

The haul includes a Rolex watch and engagement ring belonging to alleged drug dealer Orlando Gordon's girlfriend, Deelishis, a Detroit native who in 2006 won the VH1 reality show "Flavor of Love 2." The show featured women vying for the affection of Public Enemy rapper Flavor Flav.

The revelations surfaced days after Gordon and more than a dozen others were indicted in federal court and accused of participating in a drug operation involving thousands of pounds of cocaine and marijuana.

Federal court records chronicle a colorful back story to the high-profile drug bust and indicate Gordon headed the drug ring with a second man, Wendell Tobias of Detroit.

Dee . . . you know you owe us an APOLOGY. How DARE you besmirch our JOURNALISTIC reputation . ..

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