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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Real La La Vasquez

“As far as La La goes, it seems she’s not the home grown girl we know and love. La La is from the East Coast, and she was nothing like the polished socialite she is today. She has a past, and boy is it clear! La La was known in the New Jersey scene with the ladies. When she hit the big time with MTV, that’s when La La started changing.

La La was still known as the “roundaway girl” even when she followed the playbook and got knocked up by a “baller”. It wasn’t until she linked up with the famous Kimmy Cakes (Kardashian) that she started to get the classic nip/tuck. It seems Carmelo had moved on to the next, and La La knew her gravy train was coming to an end.

So, La La got the nose job, the cheek implants, the lipo, and the butt injections to follow suit. Still, not enough for Melo, because word is in the Hollyweird scene, that he likes the lady boys as well.

And, truth be told, La La actually looks like a man nowadays. Anyway, Melo’s past was coming back to haunt him, and La La seized one final play from the Kardashian book of gold digging. She has the evidence, and was about to let it secretly release. Melo chose marriage over a failed endorsement. Because even the “money machine” was pressuring him to settle down and get the right look.

So La La Vazquez got what she wanted, a ring and notoriety, and Melo got residuals and silence. But, La La really does love him, and actually lets him dabble from time to time.”

Does La La Vazquez have a shady past? Of course she does!

by jacky j

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