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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stephen Hill & Diddy Conspire To Supress Gay Sextape?

Here’s a conversation between myself and a tipster named Chaz. I normally keep information like this private but I’m pissed off. Know why? Because I was suppose to pick up this footage from Chaz, who claims that the footage was filmed back in 2010.

The footage was shot before the BET Hip Hop Awards and guess what? Stephen Hill was caught on tape jerking Divine Stevens manhood in a room at the W Hotel, while Diddy, and TI are sitting around with their members exposed looking like they were next in line.

After a brief investigation, HSK was able to get confirmation from several insiders that such a tape existed. Then we were able to find the source of this video recording and one of my associates was able to preview the video.

Do you want to know why I didn’t get this memory card? Because, I’m told that once the stars of the video found out it was about to be handed off to me, they paid six figure$ to my source to make it go away. Don’t believe me? Just ask Stephen Hill and Divine Stevens!

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