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Monday, January 23, 2012

Trey Songz Playz for the Boys!

Recent rumors of Trey Songz being gay have been confirmed.

A source close to the R&B singer has leaked detailed information about the reportedly proud bi-sexual. The source says Trey Songz has been involved with men since 2004. One of those men is said to be a music industry insider who Trey Songz dated for about seven months. Some of the other dirty details released uncover Trey Songz as both a pitcher and a catcher, while in the bedroom with other men.

But, Trey Songz has not limited his sexual affairs to just men. I wonder if any of the women he’s chopped down are hip to what’s really going on.

This is shocking news to some, but I’m not surprised. I only hope Trey gathers the courage to come out the closet. Know why? Because if he does, he can pair up with Andre Harrell for a joint coming out party at The Abbey.. Don’t you agree?

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