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Friday, February 17, 2012

bru peter bru peter

Below is a communication between a longtime music industry professional the gay rights advocate Peter Tetchell. Peter has recently been making headlines regarding his claims that Whitney Houston spiraled away with drugs and alcohol to “numb the pain of never being able to be openly gay”.

I am publishing these letters because there is a lot of information contained within that will shed light where the public very seldom gets to see.

This was a private communication that was never meant to be made public…


The issue was not whether Whitney was a lesbian or not. Trust, I knew the issues in Whitney’s life as I am an integral part of Atlanta’s music industry. I knew about Robyn prior to the tabloids exploiting the story. I also knew of Whitney’s drug use long before she met Bobby. The acceleration of drug usage cannot be attributed to Whitney’s hiding her gay relationship. That is what happens as you continuously use and abuse drugs.

Whitney enjoyed drugs before she was popular and as her popularity gained momentum so did her intake of illegal drugs. Whitney should never have drank alcohol after rehab or consumed barbiturates or opiates. Those are off limits to drug addicts. But that is what happens when you are the leader of the pack. Whitney has now gone off the cliff and her entourage no longer has a meal ticket and Bobbi Christina no longer has a mom.

Although I admire your courage, conviction and pride, I feel sir that you could have waited before divulging this information and theories to the public. No, homosexuality is not nasty or something to be ashamed of if that is your choice. However, I was raised to love a woman and that is not perverted either.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors Peter. I pray that through our correspondence we will continue to fight for the rights of everyone. I still believe this Whitney/Robyn issue could be left untouched until the actual cause of death has been revealed. At this point, it seems you are seeking your own glory instead of mourning the loss of a talented and beloved artist.

Here is the respoce sent by Peter:

On Feb 15, 2012, at 10:14 AM, Peter Tatchell wrote:

Hi Abe,

Thanks for your email. I hear and appreciate your point of view. However….

Judging from your comments, you seem to think it is shameful for someone to be lesbian or bisexual. Otherwise, why would you object to me mentioning Whitney’s love for another woman? There is nothing bad about lesbian love. A same-sex relationship is not a dirty, sordid thing that should be kept hidden.

I told the truth. Telling the truth does not besmirch Whitney’s memory. It honours the most important, loving relationship in her life (which most other people seem keen to ignore or deny).

I met Whitney and her partner. I know the truth. I shocks me that people want to write out of her life the relationship that made Whitney truly happy.

I am not willing to be party to the cover up. Homophobia almost certainly contributed to Whitney’s demise and death. We need to acknowledge that, to spur society to reject this damaging prejudice. I don’t want to read about any more Whitney’s being pressured into marriages to deflect suspicions about their same-sex relationships. I don’t want to hear about any more Whitney’s being driven to drink and drugs because of their inability to accept and express their love for a person of the same-sex.

Whatever others say about me, I know my motives for speaking out are honourable and decent. I accept that you may disagree.

I hope this clarifies and reassures.

Best wishes, Peter

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