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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Famous American Interior Designer Was STABBED TO DEATH In Bangkok Luxury Hotel Room

Wendy Albano, from Florida, who is known to have decorated Derek Jeter’s $20 million Manhattan home, was found stabbed to death by a maid on Monday morning.

The U.S. Embassy in Thailand broke the news to Ms Albano’s family earlier this week.

Police believe the 52-year-old was murdered by her Indian boyfriend, who she was seen checking into the hotel with on February 9.

According to News 13, the pair met through business and were working on a fashion import project together.

But they are also believed to have been dating each other since meeting through work.

He is 26-years-old.

The socialite checked into the Fraser Suites Sukhumvit on February 9 and was last seen on the hotel’s surveillance camera on Sunday evening with the Indian man.

Police say he has since fled the country and is still at large.

Detectives said surveillance video caught the suspect leaving Albano’s room with luggage an hour after he entered.

Police believe the couple got into an argument and he killed her.

No one else was captured entering or leaving her room until the maid discovered the body the next morning.

She was choked and stabbed multiple times in the chest. Immigration said he left the country three hours after he was captured leaving her hotel room.

Her friends have said she may have had the intention of breaking up with the Indian man.

Ms Albano’s family said she first met him when she did some business with him in India.

One of the designer’s daughter told the Tampa Bay Times: ‘I loved my mother dearly. Obviously, we’re just trying to work through this the best we can.’

Twice married and divorced, Ms Albano leaves behind two daughters Jenny and Lauren. Her interior design business Wendy Albano Interiors was used by many high-profile celebrities.

Friends say Albano was ‘talented and had an ‘artistic flair’. She had been in the interior design business for 20 years.

Close friend Maxine Stull told the Tampa Bay Times she was considering moving in with her friend. she has known her since college.

She said the last time they spoke, it was on the phone shortly before she left for Thailand.

Ms Stull recalls how happy her friend was and chatting about the man she was dating.

‘She was always so positive,’ she said. ‘What happened, that’s the kind of thing that didn’t happen in her world.’

Another friend Denise Brown told Fox: ‘She was the type of person that would give her love to anybody. She was a loving mother and a fantastic soul.’

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