The Spook Who Sat By the Door The Spook Who Sat By the Door

Sunday, February 5, 2012

his dream well i had one 2 last yr

A good morning to everyone this Sunday. I just awoke from a very sad dream. It felt very real, and the feelings I felt in the dream were things I would have felt in real life if this were to happen (i.e., nothing felt weird or dream-like). It's actually quite sad to me, but here it is...

My mother and I had to take a trip from NY to PA for some reason I can't remember. All major roadways had been shut down by DoHS (can't remember the reason why). Since major roadways were shut down, people could choose to ride a DoHS train or bus to reach their destination. The train was full and there was nothing strange or out of place. There were no shackles or gas vents or anything like that.

After riding for some time, another train, travelling on our left side at a faster speed, began to pass us. It was loaded with big black boxes, stacked on one another. I thought I had seen them before... on youtube. You guys know which boxes I'm talking about: the coffins. I sat up out of my seat and peered out the window for a better look.

"What are they?" asks my mother.
"I don't know but I think I've seen them before."
"Yes" I replied.

The train stopped in front of a large camp with a 10 foot fence lined with barbed wire around the whole thing. I saw the rooms.
Each structure was built like a tower. There was a main shaft with an elevator. Budding off of the shaft, were rooms possibly 6x6 feet. Just enough room for a bed, a small dresser, and a small table with a chair. The walls were like the ballistic glass you see gaurding presidents when they speak. 3 walls of that stuff, and the 4th wall was the doorway to the elevator. Each room had a light shone on it from the outside, so you had zero privacy. Each tower had 9 or 10 rooms attached, and I could see several towers. This is the best example I can give of what the towers looked like, although it's not very good.

Imagine the plant going straight up and each branch being a room.

I knew where we were and what the place was. I shouted out to the rest of the train car in a semi-joking way "We're home, everybody!" They all seemed confused, they had no idea what this place was. "How could they not know what this was? The information is all out there!" I thought this to myself, silently. A door on the side of the train car opened and we were greeted by a few DoHS officers, two of which were unarmed, with one armed guard behind them. One stepped onto the train with another one behind him holding a clipboard. On the clipboard was a picture of everyone on the train, with our names next to our pictures. The armed guard stayed outside the car while this took place.

There was a small exchange of words between me and the head guard that I'm unable to remember (I'm sure I said something insulting or smart-ass-ish). He pointed and smiled at me and said "Program." He then pointed at my mother and said the same thing. He did this with several passengers, pointing around the room and saying, "Program. Program. Program." The guard with the clipboard was taking note of who needed to be put through this "program" and checking our names off on the list.

In the middle of this, I shouted "Yeah, internment program!" This got a few chuckles from the guards and the head one turned to me and said "There was one earlier just like you. He's crying in the barracks now."
I smiled back at the sneering guard and said "Well I'll pay him a visit then."

Next place I was looked like an interrogation room. I sat by myself at a cold, metal table. I began rummaging through my wallet looking for my girlfriend's phone number. Her father is a police officer, and I thought maybe I could get some help from him. I started pulling things from my wallet like community chest cards from board games. This is when I realized I was dreaming and woke up.

I was not scared in my dream, it was just more like an overwhelming sense of sadness. I only woke up when I sensed something was strange, that's how real the dream felt. There was nothing out of place, no space ships or moon men.

Well there you go, just wanted to share that with everybody. Tell me what you think. Hope you guys have a great day.

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