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Thursday, February 9, 2012

What’s The Drop On Tony Toni Tone and Yo-Yo?

I have a question: I love me sum Tony Toni Tone and I wonder what ever happened to that group? It seem when I was a child they were on top of the world, now their disbanded with the exception on Raphael. He’s out everywhere.

Did the illuminati or whom ever break up their group?? Just like Yoyo the female rapper keeping it real for the ladies. What happened to her last I saw her on The white rapper show for females…

Thanks for the tips

The last time I was hanging out with Raphael Saadiq was a long time ago, I think we were chilling up at Death Row Records. Don’t believe me.. Ask MC Hammer.

I remember Raphael Saadiq saying that he was done with Tony Toni Tone and he wanted his brother Dwayne Wiggins beaten up.
Here’s what Raphael told me:

“I spoke to my dad and he and I are upset. Those guys were ripping me off. I want my brothers butt kicked, he stole from me. Timothy ain’t my brother, he’s my cousin and he was stealing too.

F them guys, I’m going solo. No one taught me how to play the bass. I picked up the bass and I played it like magic. I still can’t figure out how I instantly learned how to play the bass.”
What happened to Yo-Yo?

Last time I saw Yo-Yo we were chilling in the studio and she’s doing fine. A few weeks later I ran into Yo-Yo again at Benihana and guess what–Yo-Yo and I had drinks and she looked beautiful.

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