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Sunday, March 11, 2012

4-Year-Old Girl Found Hanging Inside Closet In Accidental Death

4-Year-Old Girl Found Hanging Inside Closet In Accidental Death

Identified as Miriah Cobbs, the girl was discovered by her grandmother after her family noticed she was missing.

The girl was hanging in the back of a closet in the apartment bedroom around 11:30am Thursday, and was later pronounced dead at Centinela Hospital Medical Centre.

‘It’s a tragedy. It’s one of those, “I wish I didn’t see it.” Seriously, I wish I didn’t witness anything,’ neighbour Del Evano told

Though the Los Angeles Police Department’s Abused Child Unit is investigating Miriah’s death, they are treating it as a ‘death investigation,’ rather than a ‘homicide investigation.’

It is believed that Miriah was playing in the bedroom and accidentally hung herself in the short time she was unsupervised, and her death was a tragic accident.

Her family assumed she was playing in another part of the house, but went looking for her after they hadn’t seen or heard her in some time.

Coached by a 911 operator, the family administered CPR until the paramedics arrived, KTLA reported.

The autopsy won’t be completed until later this week, the Los Angeles County coroner’s office said.

Mr Evano said the family was very distressed. ‘I saw a gentleman come out crying, with his face pretty much white without blood,’ he told reporters.

‘It was an accidental hanging…something like that.’

According to police, the family has been very cooperative with the department’s investigation.

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