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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Are Competing Sites Riding Jacky’s Coattails?

I’m the world’s most dangerous blogger. I’m like Clint Eastwood in those dirty spaghetti western movies, taking care of the bad guys. Don’t believe me.. Ask Antoine Fuqua.

That’s exactly why I’ve been seeing bits and pieces of my stories everywhere. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, so it’s cool to sample my work — but can a player get some credit mane???

Here’s just one example I’ll share with you… A woman by the name of Myra Panache had a website, which is no longer operational. During that time, Myra spread bad words about your boy. Now, guess what? Readers of Myra’s former forum are now on Jacky’s network! And, her site “Panache Report” is done! FYI Myra, some of my readers have a problem with you plugging your website in the HSK comments section. If that not you, than my bad. My general rule is if you are someone whom I see contribute and support the HSK community, then I have no problem with that person promoting what they do as well. Know why? Because we all gotta eat!

I’ve tried collaborating with other sites, because I know us bonding together could form a strong distribution network. The problem is those potential allies don’t see it that way. Know why? Because they’re collecting separate checks from the bad guys to not report the disease-infested tea that’s spilling across the streets of Hollywood. Don’t believe me.. Ask Fred Mwangagu.

This when readers want to know what it really is. That’s not gonna happen while these racist sites only have one demographic and remain one dimensional. Those people/liars know all too well that HSK readers get information about celebrities of all races. Know why? Because dirt comes in different colors mane.

There are a few that have been supportive since the early days. Like the homie Gyant, or the ladies over at BallerAlert. At first glance you might think the girls over at LSA hate me, but I still love them all. I also must not forget about “That Girl” from RWS.

So, if you’re an HSK reader, to many people you may sound crazy talking about tea you learned here at HSK. But, in time, those doubters will tell you “that shit you told me was true”. That’s when you should let then know that HSK gets the drops first!!! Don’t believe me.. Ask Jamie Foxx.

Get ‘em HSK. Seriously, good on ya for spilling on Fred. Anyone with a brain (So basically none of MTO’s readers) can tell see that Media Takeout are paid tea spillers. Deffo on payroll of many a celeb PR. Look at the major turnaround regarding Beyonce’s pregnancy. All the way throughout when she was preggo they called her out on fake belly/surrogate and all round shadiness surrounding the baby. Now baby is here not a peep about anything. Hmmmm. Another one is Perez Hilton, before he was a media darling, granted he was a little cruel but boy did he spill those HW people. Now, he is so blatantly a paid hack its embarrassing. He went from a straight 2 or 3 years calling Chris Brown out on his psycho ways to all of a sudden being softer and rather complimentary about him. Strange?? Money exchanged hands, for real

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