The Spook Who Sat By the Door The Spook Who Sat By the Door

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ask dr jacky

The life of the man at the center of this week’s blind item remains a mystery. Know why? Because insiders say even his family was forced to sign a confidentiality agreement – stipulating they can’t reveal any information about him until his death. That’s why once that day comes, shit is going to hit the fan! And that day may be just around the corner, being that our mystery man is currently battling cancer.

So, it’s no surprise that sources say a family friend close to our blind item is just about finished writing an 800-page tell-all surrounding our mystery man. In the book, the author suggests our mystery man (a record label owner) may be behind the murder of his most popular artist – questioning royalties. Don’t believe me.. Ask Smokey Robinson mane!

It’s no secret that this dude is a true gangsta – who kept his artist hooked on drugs, had a hit man on payroll, and hired prostitutes for gifts! He even fathered a son with a European call girl. Now, his son and grandson are burning up the charts!

This man also has a secret daughter who he shares with the lead singer of a popular all-girl group – a woman who was later committed to a mental house by her own brother, when she question him about her royalties.

It’s not coincidental that his name is posted on some of the biggest hits over the last 50yrs! Now, many agree that his success has come at a price – going as far as to call his money, blood money. That may not be so far fetched, as his label has a history of artists who die tragically. Is he next?

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