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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ask Jacky… Are Jay Z & Beyonce Satanists?

Hey Jacky,

Im wondering if you could give me your take on the whole Beyonce/Jay Z Satanism conspiracy theories.

Ive read a lot of websites that talk about how Jay Z and Beyonce are satanic and they show symbolism in some of the clothes they wear (ie Jay’s “do what thou wilt” sweatshirt, Beyonce’s baphomet ring), some of the symbols in their music videos etc.

Also Beyonce seemed to be more about God and the Church when she was younger now she seems to have gone astray.

Do you believe that Jay Z and Beyonce are into some devil worship stuff? Do you believe the illuminati conspiracy theories? Here are some links I came across in my research. What do you think?

I hate to think Beyonce sold her soul but these days Im surprised by NOTHING!

Is Jay Z and Beyonce into the Satanic religion? I don’t know but I do know Jay Z wears sweatshirts with quotes from Aleister Crowley?

The Illuminati does exist just like many other sects and membership organizations, but is Jay Z and Beyonce a part of this Satanic cult? I don’t know but I’ll ask Lady Gaga or Lil Wayne next time I see them.

Many people in the past have accused the artist Prince of being a devil worshiper, now Prince is busy trying to convert others into becoming a Jehovah’s Witness.

I’ve been hearing about the Faustian bargain since I was of a young age and I believe if Christians can have a pact with Jesus Christ why can’t Satanist have a pact with the devil. Don’t believe me? Ask Eric Clapton.

I believe religion is just another way to control people ,but to sum it all up, some people believe in god and others believe in the almighty dollar.

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