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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beyonce: What Recession?!?

After seeing false claims regarding the validity of the Tina Knowles article I published earlier someone in the know has stepped forward to reveal the truth about your girl Beyonce.

The wife of Beyonce’s former account has exclusively revealed the pop stars lavish spending habits.
Here is what that insider revealed:

Jacky, I know exactly why Beyonce works so hard. My husband was her accountant a few years ago and he warned her to slow down on spending. She didn’t like the advice so fired him with severance pay.

I am reading off a detailed bill right now. Keep in mind, the fees may have changed a little. Beyonce is paying well over 30K a month just for her Tribeca condo.

She was advised to move to New Jersey and she was considering it. She came close to closing on a nice home but her overbearing husband stopped that deal right in its tracks against my husbands advice. On top of that she has the following monthly expenses:
Jet fuel/rental- $75,000 a month
Tribeca NYC apt- $30,000 a month
Publicist Yvette-$10,000 a month
Bodyguard Julius-$8,000 a month (more overseas)
Makeup Artist oncall $2500 a month
Live in Chef $ 7500 a month
Live in maid $ 4000 a month
Personal Accountant 4000 month
Dereon Accountant 3000 a month
Manager (matthew) $!!!100,000 a month!!!
Personal asst Angela $5000 a month
Personal Trainer: $7000 a month
Dietician: Max $4000/month upon diet change
Car detailing and driver: $7000 a month
Pocket cash on hand $50,000 a month (she spent it all EVERY MONTH)

I don’t have the originals, but I do have the spreadsheets. The spread sheet I got the info above from totals approx $317,000 in monthly expenses.

Beyonce brought in an average of $470,000 a month. My husband and I always laugh when FORBES releases those inaccurate yearly salarys for celebrities, because trust me, they don’t make half of what FORBES wants you to believe.

I would also like to add that every time my husband warned her about her income, she would say “I will just do a magazine cover shoot to cover the charges, I am in high demand” which was true. She could call up ANY magazine and get paid $100,000 plus JUST TO BE ON THE COVER!! Ever wondered why Beyonce is splattered on every magazine in the world? Shes doing it to stay afloat!

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