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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Do you believe there is a supernatural side to the UFO phenomenon?

I would like to state that I do indeed believe the UFO phenomenon is real. By this I mean there are flying disk, triangles, cigars, etc. that do unexplainable things at outrages speed.I believe most true UFOs are very advanced craft from various countries and governments. However, I do believe a very small percent, maybe 1-5%, of true UFOs are the origin of something other than man. I do not know who or what pilots the latter, but most theories fall into one or a combination of several categories.
1. Aliens/ETs.
2. Angels, demons, fallen angels, spirits, ghost, etc.
3. Beings from under Earth's crust or oceans.
4. Beings from the future.
5. The result of mental illness
6. Project Blue Beam.
7. Even more advanced government toys.
8. [Fill in your own here]

Now, assuming your beliefs fall in between numbers 1 and 5, this question is for you. Do you believe there is a supernatural component to the UFO phenomenon?

People who believe 6 and 7 I can already guess your answer, but please respond if have something to offer.

I ask this because many UFO and abduction encounters seem to defy reality. Yes, I know any technology advanced enough would be hard to indistinguishable from magic, but do you really believe there is only a nut and bolt aspect the phenomenon? In my opinion there is as much of a supernatural side to the UFO phenomenon as there is a physical one.

If you do believe the supernatural plays into the UFO phenomenon, why do u

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