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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Do You Want Some GOOD Celebrity Tea? the people yall bow dwn 2


Here’s some exclusive tea for you!

I worked with Joe exclusive (wanna be celeb stylist which is a whole other topic) so this is what I know/saw with my own eyes.
Joe Exclusive + Shawne Merriman (SD Chargers) hooked up
Tila Tequila, Ray-J, her stylist Mr. Bradshaw sex parties
Omarion + Jason Lee are def sex buddies
Teyana Taylor + Kanye West have Oral sex and then she masturbates while he sexes men .. He has his orgies at his crib in Hawaii

After reading this, I return an email instantly. Know why? Because I want more detail ed information for HSK readers.

This is some good tea, I know the majority of you can’t wait to take a sip and guess what–I don’t blame you.

As soon I get any information, I’ll post it.

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