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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy 50th Birthday, Myra Teresa Williams AKA Myra Panache! say its not so yall

correction she would b 52 by now
We almost forgot it was your birthday today, Myra! Today is your birthday, right? According to your steaming Passion profile that you created in 2001, you’re half a century today!

So darling, how are you going to celebrate? Are you going to call up Halle and the girls? Will Litigating Lauryn aka Kenisha Parks be there, too!? Ooh, we bet it’s going to be lots of fun… what with your extremely active imagination and all.

Have fun!

PS. What happened to your lawyer that you sent to unsuccessfully scare us off? It’s been months since we last spoke and we haven’t received any sort of court documents. But anyway, send her our regards! And once again, happy birthday!

Are we to believe that party promoters from ATLANTA, GEORGIA pay you to put up their posters on your rinky dink site? A site that’s based in SAN FRANSISCO, CALIFORNIA? As if you’re plugged into the ATL scene? As if you’re Necole B Freddyo or even Sandra Rose?


You’re in California, Myra! I’m sure there are TONS of sites devoted to the LA nightlife. Check them out and grab their posters instead. But no hip hop ones this time. It’ll diminish what’s left of you and your site’s credibility.

PS. How’s the screenplay coming along for the Ballin’ movie? Which will come first, the “new board” or the movie?

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