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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Have Rappers Become the New Mascots For American Companies?

Hip hop has become so commercial that people like Dr Dre are making more money from selling headphones and Dr Pepper sodas than making music.

That’s exactly why Dre doesn’t give a about his next album ‘Detox’. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jimmy Iovine.

Another example is P Diddy who, like Dre, is in the music business – but nowadays the hip hop mogul uses new artists for the sole purposes of helping to sell more Ciroc vodka. Don’t believe me.. Ask Frenchie Montana.

Just last week, at Austin, Texas’ South by Southwest music conference attendees witnessed Snoop Dogg so high out of his mind that he was advertising sour cream and onion Doritos chips. Don’t believe me.. Ask George Clinton.
Here’s what an insider had to say about the siting:

“Snoop Dogg held court for reporters with tales of his love for the long-gone sour cream and onion Doritos rather than the new JACKED flavor.

His requirement was that the company give him a couple of vending machines so his friends can have some.”

Hip hop is now like the ’80′s big hair rock bands, burning out on drugs, while making music. This while hugely profiting off of a dying market. That era is quickly coming to an end. That’s why Lil Wayne frequently grasps a can of Mountain Dew while claiming to rep hip hop…when in reality he looks like a weed-smoking Venice Beach bum. Know why he does this? Because Lil Wayne is catering to a wild white disobedient teenage audience mane. Don’t believe me.. Ask his pimp Bryant “Birdman” Williams.

Recently, rapper A$AP Rocky said “New rappers are corny as I’m like ‘Is this young brother talking about himself’?

If Steve Stout had his way he would have Nas doing commercials for Quarter Pounder McDonalds hamburgers. Don’t believe me.. Ask Damon Dash.

by jacky j

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