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Thursday, March 22, 2012

James DeBarge 2011 Arrest Details Revealed…

HSK Exclusive - Many of you watched the recent when the Dr. Drew’s CW network show re-broadcast the September 2011 episode, when James, Bunny, and Randy DeBarge appeared asking for help with their addictions.

Following the original appearance, all three DeBarge siblings went to a North Hollywood rehabilitation center. As noted following the re-broadcast, The former Mr. Janet Jackson, aka James DeBarge went AWOL shortly after checking into the rehab center. But, what was not revealed was that James DeBarge was arrested just a few hours later prostituting himself for drugs.

Here is what an insider revealed to me:

“Before James was popped on the gun charges he was whoring himself in the streets for crack and heroin. James was a mess! He never had any intention to get help, he needs much more than the typical rehabilitation. James has been selling his ass for drugs for years now.

His family and the few friends he has left truly believe he will not survive much longer. They rather him locked up in jail, then being on the streets.”

Is the DeBarge family one of the most dysfunctional families in the entertainment industry? Of course they are. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Joe Jackson.

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  1. james debarge is also a pedifile pervert.likes boys under 2yrs old.this guy is a monster, no wonder janet dumped him.good for her....he is a 6ft 3 monster who preys on children and little women. ...yuk!