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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Marvin Gaye III Smoked so Much Cocaine He Now Needs a New Kidney

Marvin Pentz Gaye III is looking for a donor to supply him for a kidney transplant. He also suffers from diabetes, Know why? Because Marvin P. Gaye III has been freebasing cocaine for over twenty years.

Here’s what a close friend of Marvin P. Gaye III had to say:

“Marvin is like a scientist, he likes to cook his cocaine. Marvin gets off on adding baking soda to cocaine, he’s a chef. He’s been freebasing for years.

I used to get high with Jr. back in the ’80s. I partied at Marv’s house when he lived at Post Hill, we would go for days straight.

When he moved to the Valley, Jr. was smoking even more. I guess it finally caught up to him.”

Were Marvin P. Gaye III and Lou Rawls Jr. freebasing buddies? Of course they were. Don’t believe me.. Ask Todd Bridges.

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