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Sunday, March 25, 2012

mixed news

A few weeks ago, we reported that an Illuminati call girl allegedly fed Heath Ledger counterfeit pills, leading to his death. Rumors are circulating that Whitney's cocaine may have been "laced," (hot hit). In Related News: When Whitney Houston first released "I Will Always Love You," songwriter (Dolly Parton) received 8 cents per radio performance; earning $6 million dollars in royalties. That amount is expected to triple with Whitney's death.

So many African Americans are focused on whether Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye are members of the Illuminati but what about Halle and Oprah? They certainly qualify for membership with their wealth and fame, but for some reason, they're overlooked.

And then you have a large segment of African American entertainers (mainly rappers) who try too hard to make fans believe they belong to the Illuminati. They flash hand signs and wear secret society jewelry.

A few months ago, we told you about Beyonce's secret society pendant/necklace. She was recently spotted wearing the necklace at an White House function.

In Related News: Rihanna is referred to as an Illuminati "sex kitten" behind her back.

People are wondering: If George Zimmerman remains free, will he be offered a correspondent position with Fox?

This assumption is not far fetched. After the O.J. Simpson trial, it was a bidding war between three major networks to hire Mark Fuhrman as an correspondent; Fox won the bidding war.

Geraldo Rivera used to be black friendly and he's dated numerous black women. What changed? He became good friends with Mark Fuhrman; they play basketball together on a regular basis.

nbeknownst to many, Tupac Shakur was not only close friends with Treach, he was also close to Aaron Hall. Hall's vocal distinction is similar to that of Charlie Wilson, a member of the The Gap Band. They collaborated in 1992 on the soundtrack to Eddie Murphy's film, "Boomerang," after Hall was criticized for not giving any credit to his mentor Charlie Wilson, this resulted in Charlie Wilson releasing "Sprung on Me," where Charlie mimicked the Guy sound with his own distinct vocals (which Hall copied).

Last week, on the "Dark Side Of Fame," we told you about a young lady who was a former 'sex party hostess' for a world famous billionaire.

Rich men or their aides have been known to patronize modeling agencies for dates (browsing portfolios).

This particular billionaire sent his aide to a Florida modeling agency to recruit a "sex party hostess."

A model was hired at $10,000 per month. She also had to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Her functions: To organize sex parties for wealthy men/women and celebrities.

She was also in charge of air travel (guests were flown in via private jet), after the jet landed, the famous guests were shuttled in Rolls Royce's.

Hostess duties also included: Catering and alcohol deliveries (Dom Perignon & Cristal).

These parties continue to take place in the Bahamas, Pacific Palisades, Miami, New York and Europe.

This party hostess is trying to get around the gag order. She wants to write a tell-all book and according to her: "The guest list will astound you!"



Three men, one armed with a machete, allegedly broke into a black man's house, yelled racial slurs, ordered a pit bull to bite the man, then poured rubbing alcohol on him and set him on fire

The case of a 54-year-old black man from Council Grove who suffered burns when white intruders ignited him after pouring rubbing alcohol on him has been sent to federal prosecutors to be investigated as a possible "hate crime."

"The Morris County Attorney’s Office has been in contact with the United States Attorney’s Office (and) is referring this case to them for investigation regarding the possibility of this being a hate crime," Morris County Attorney Laura Allen said in a statement issued Monday afternoon.

Sterling Law, 54, had been at his home for four days without treatment for the burns suffered on Oct. 7 before his boss became suspicious when Law called in sick Oct. 11.

"He never does that," Doug Wilkerson said. Wilkerson is the owner of the Hays House, where Law has worked for more than 30 years. Law was in a lot of pain when Wilkerson went to his home to check on him.

"I was appalled, speechless, mad, upset that someone would even do something like that to someone," Wilkerson said.

Wilkerson took Law to the Morris County Medical Center to get treatment for his burns, then to the Council Grove Police Department to report the incident.

The defendant, Issac Wilson, 23, who was arrested Sunday in the burning of Law, made his first appearance in Morris County District Court on Monday on charges he burned Law after breaking into his home.

Wilson, formerly of Council Grove, remained in the Morris County Jail on Monday.

Allen, the Morris County attorney, said Wilson is charged with aggravated battery of Law and aggravated burglary of Law's residence.

In another case, Wilson is charged with aggravated battery and making a criminal threat, both to a different victim, Allen said.

On Monday, Wilson remained in custody in lieu of a $50,000 bond on the case tied to Law and a $15,000 bond on the second case, a jail official said Monday. The bonds total $65,000.

Wilson is to appear at a preliminary hearing in Morris County District Court, Allen said.

Glenn Law said two men, who had a pit bull with them, "somehow" entered his brother's house through the front door while he was asleep. The residence ordinarily is locked.

"They rushed in and woke him," Glenn Law said. "They caught him off guard."

The two covered his pants with rubbing alcohol, then lit the liquid with a lighter, Glenn Law said.

Sterling Law "dropped and rolled" to extinguish the flames when the alcohol ignited, suffering second-degree burns on his stomach and upper legs, Glenn Law said.

Sterling Law didn't get medical treatment or report the break-in and attack to law enforcement officers because the intruders told him they would retaliate if he did, his brother said.

Glenn Law described his younger brother as a quiet and "submissive" individual who grew up in Council Grove.

Sterling Law is unable to work, and his supervisor and his wife are aiding the injured man by changing his bandages.

To aid his injured brother, Glenn Law drove from his home in Oakland, Calif., to Council Grove, arriving about 6 a.m. Monday.

Law "is the dishwasher, the handyman, the kind of guy who will do whatever you ask him to do," Wilkerson said. Law will return to work when he is ready.

"We're not putting pressure on him to come back soon," Wilkerson said.

From Bad To Worse:

He was considered a pretty boy when he sung with a popular R&B group.

When he's not trying to scam older female groupies out of money, you can find him at gay parks.

Not only is he smoked out (crack/meth) but he was recently spotted prostituting at Elysian Park in Los Angeles aka (male whore hangout).

He does "whatever" (fellatio/backdoor) to get paid and he's paid more for unprotected sex.

He uses his trick money to buy crack at his favorite crack house (his new residence). He's also been seen exiting adult bookstores (glory holes).

He was recently bragging to anyone within earshot: "This dude approached me and wants me to be a sex trade recruiter, lure girls through my celebrity, real snatch and grab type of shit, I'm promised big money."

No one knows if this rant is a fragment of his imagination because he looks so bad, it's doubtful that intended (younger) victims would recognize him as a (has been) celebrity.

If he doesn't clean up, he'll be the next Hollywood casualty.

Who is he?

Your right CocoDeluxe
both parents are you blame for the way their kids are I know that monster daddy of their beat them and sex them up. But Mama D allowed it by staying and letting him to so So she’s not innocent. On Unsung she was coming off like it was all the father’s fault when she should have said that she too was part to blame.

I think their father recently died, one less monster in the world. I just hope aside from doing drugs, El, Tommy,James, Randy, Chico and Marty are not sexing up their kids.

I saw the rerun of them on Dr Drew and they look like shells of what they used to be when they were singing and dancing on stage. Bunny I thought she was so pretty but she too was looking bad with bags under her eyes.

Randy looked like the guy who always standing on the corner selling or trying to score drugs off someone. James is the younger one he looked almost as older as the rest of them

I hate seeing them lookin so messed up:-(

I am a huge DeBarge fan. I have all the group albums and all El’s solo cd’s. El was NOT ready for a come back when he was released from jail. The problem with all these addicts including Whitney is they’re handlers are so damn worried about a come back & not saving the artist life. If Whitney had been recently released out of rehab she should have not even been in L.A or around that scene. People who are truly commited will leave the scene until they battle their demons. Whitney had too many 30, 60, 90 stints in rehab. I bet there was NOT a 6 month period in her life after having Krissi that she was clean. Sorry, but I don’t even think she was clean for the Oprah interview. Whitney may not been as high as when she was calling Bobby the King of R&B but something told me she was still using.

Tom joyner was shocked to hear El saying on his radio while promoting the album when it 1st came out that he had never been in rehab. He said jail was his rehab. You could hear it in Tom’s voice cause he just kept saying REALLY. You cannot be a crackhead for 22yrs and not do rehab. The relapse was bound to happen.

BI 1: Johnny Gill? (I like his new song.)
BI 2: Devante?
by myra panache

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