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Monday, March 19, 2012

mixed news

what ever lisa raye Allegedly, Lisa Ray and Chaka Khan have been added to Hollywood's "blackballed" list for speaking out against powerful people. Hopefully, Lisa Ray will use this down time to enroll in acting class


Rewind: Monica Laura Leon known as “Danger” played one of 14 young women on Ray J’s reality television show competing “For the Love of Ray J.” She was among the first to question his sexuality. She alleged that Ray J and a famous rapper were secret homosexual lovers.

Fast Forward: On YouTube, Monica said that she had been molested her whole life even as an infant.

“I have done [porn] pictures, I’ve been an exotic dancer and I’ve also done some prostitution and that’s something that I really didn’t want to just talk about right away cause it’s a scary scary thing, it has such a negative connotation to it. But I was a prostitute for about two and half years, and you know I was making alot of money, I had all this cash, shopping… all this , you know, nice car, nice place, but it didn’t make me happy…” Danger revealed about her past life.

In a YouTube video that has been removed, she claimed to have been trained in martial arts and boxing.

In 2009, she shaved her hair off due to mental stress (post partum depression), and was involved in some type of alarming incident with her newborn female child.

According to, Child Protective Services subsequently removed the child from her custody and placed the baby girl with her father, Gabriel Cannon, brother of Nick Cannon (Mariah Carey).

In 2010, Danger threatened to tell everything she knew about the secret black Hollywood. She said that “Wendy Williams Ain’t Got Shit on What I Know.” Subsequently, Danger recanted her charge that Ray J was gay, and that she was never a prostitute.

Was she threatened?


Interviewer: Rebecca you have stated that some artists are worth more dead than alive? Will you elaborate?

Rebecca Scott: That’s a fact! Having been on the management side of the business I have seen so many artists come in and think this is a party and that because they have a talent that’s all there is to it. Many think all you have to do is jump on a stage and act the fool. Somewhere along the line they forget that it’s a business and once you forget that it becomes a problem.

Before you see Lil Wayne, there was little Dwayne Carter from Magnolia projects. He had to be groomed and money was invested in studio time, marketing and promotion. Contracts were signed. Somebody made an investment. In Lil Wayne’s case that was Universal Records so even with the upfront money the artists are given, the labels expect to recoup their money! It’s not as simple as ok give us a couple of records and we are even! At that point, you are owned and it’s a different type of slavery. Not every celebrity death is illuminati related and not every celebrity is a pawn, but I’ve been in label meetings where unethical decisions were made regarding the recoup of losses from a bad investment. When an artist is no longer producing at a certain level the money train stops! Not everybody is ready to get off when this happens especially if they haven’t gotten a return on their investment. Fans won’t pay hard-earned money to see an artist so high or drunk they are slurring their lyrics and can’t even perform.

Interviewer: You stated Nicki Minaj was inducted into the illuminati?

Rebecca Scott: I based that off of the performance she did with Madonna at the Super Bowl. Now, when I was in the business I actually knew Madonna. When she got in the industry I was one of the movers and shakers. Madonna was a girl from the Midwest…Michigan to be exact that was a great dancer and really street smart but not really book smart or knowledgeable about the industry. By the time she did Like a Prayer she was fully indoctrinated. There was significance to it and that was part of her elevation. The demonic principle behind the Illuminati is they are trying to set up their own kingdom with a one-world New Age-type religion. Madonna is into Kabala which is a Jewish type of witchcraft. In Kabala you have to join and take different blood-curdling oaths and then you still may not get in. Much like Scientology your money has to be long! I said all of this to make a connection. Now you have Nicki Minaj who is a part of Cash Money aka Young Money which is also Universal Records and they are old school Illuminati. Now that Nicki is at a certain financial level they want to protect their money. They have to make sure she plays by the rules. When you look at the performance at the Super Bowl; it was ritualistic people think it is just entertainment, but it’s not! A few weeks later Nicki was on stage at the Grammy’s and confirmed her slithering over to the dark side in another ritualistic demonic performance. Everything about Nicki is fake and geared towards the sexualizing and “Barbie-izing” of young girls. Even her stage name Minaj is symbolic for ménage a trois! She has been groomed and elevated.

Interviewer: The CNN interview with Chaka Kahn and Pierce Morgan?

Rebecca Scott: Chaka is a person who has been in the industry since her youth and she is still in the business, therefore she was very careful, yet relayed a message. I was really surprised that CNN aired it so it must have been LIVE because the media is controlled by the Illuminati. She too had her bout with the industry and drugs.
Interviewer: Whitney Houston?

Rebecca Scott: I basically co-sign what Chaka Khan said on CNN in that “How in the hell could they continue to have a party while Whitney’s body lay dead upstairs?” Whitney was either dead before she went under the water or someone held her there until she drowned. I mean we’re talking a bathtub not a Jacuzzi. A person no matter how intoxicated or high cannot drown in a bathtub. I’ve seen people quite inebriated be awakened from a drunken stupor from water simply being splashed on their face much less being totally submerged in it. Even serious heroin addicts (and they’re almost comatose) will awake from a “nod” before they hit the floor much less go underwater. It will be interesting to see what the medical examiner’s final verdict is…Whitney, just like Amy Winehouse, Elvis, Kurt Cobain and all the other talented entertainers who were addicts at the time of their deaths began to cost their labels money when their addictions took over and they were unable to keep bringing in revenue (making records, performing, etc.). Clive Davis is old school Illuminati and Whitney was deep in debt at the time of her death. Chaka sounded like she had read my book when she said, “These artists are worth more dead than alive.”

Interviewer: Amy Winehouse?

Rebecca Scott: Amy Winehouse she was showing up to shows high. She started costing the label money.
Interviewer: Willow Smith?

Rebecca Scott: I saw a picture of Willow Smith and she had all of these different symbols written in black magic marker all over her body. Now let’s look at the parents who are known swingers in Hollywood and Scientologists. We are not paying attention…

Interviewer: Anna Nicole Smith?

Rebecca Scott: Nicki Minaj did a song with Trey Songs called, “Bottoms Up” where she gives Anna Nicole Smith a shout-out (“Rest in peace to Anna Nicole Smith”). Anna Nicole Smith had no connection to hip hop at all. So I suspect that Nicki’s name drop was part of her initiation. Remember Anna Nicole Smith was the original “Barbie.” Anna married into an ultra-rich family via late Texas oil tycoon, J. Howard Marshall II -- in 1994, when she was 26 and he was 89. Marshall had vast stock in Koch Industries the largest privately owned company in America. Koch Industries is linked through marriage to the Bush family via President Bush's sister Dorothy Bush-Koch. My research into the Illuminati networks has shown a connection between Dorothy, the Rothschild Empire and Opus Dei. Dorothy you’re not in Kansas anymore. The Koch Empire is involved in MANY interesting matters. Had Anna won her share of the Marshall's estate she would have been privy to and had a right to the murky inner dealings known to few. The Illuminati could not allow a stripper from a two-bit town in Texas to get access as a matter of right to this information and power. She had to therefore join all the other beautiful women that knew too much, saw too much and had to be dispatched to the other side.
Interviewer: Marilyn Monroe?

Rebecca Scott: Anna’s situation was similar to that of the Hollywood starlet Marilyn Monroe who was connected to a President, a senator and several well-connected movie stars. She supposedly committed suicide, but it was the same story, just different players.

Interviewer: Kanye West?

Rebecca Scott: Before his mother died Kanye was bordering on spirituality, he had the Jesus Walks song he made out of gratitude for not dying in the car accident that messed up his face. In fact, he was very grateful! However Kanye offended some very elite people when he made the comment that President Bush doesn’t care about black people and other comments. My suspicion is that Donda’s death was payback for that comment! You don’t get on national TV and insult the President! Did you notice his change after Donda died? Illuminati means to be illuminated! Let’s look at the song Kanye did with Rihanna called, “All of the lights” it’s all about illumination and mind control. The video depicts a little black girl (she looks to be no more than 10 years old, if that) wandering the streets at night by herself. Some of the lyrics are, “Turn up the lights in here, baby, Extra bright, I want y'all to see this, Turn up the lights in here, baby, You know what I need, Want you to see everything, Want you to see all of the lights.” What is the significance of these very adult lyrics to a little girl? It is almost like a song promoting pedophilia.

Interviewer: Dave Chappell?

Rebecca Scott: The media said he went crazy. He didn’t go crazy he woke up! He realized that Comedy Central though they offered him a $65 million dollar contract; in his own words he said, “The show was socially irresponsible.” So he just left the production and went to Africa. There comes a point where if you have any type of ethics and morals you realize this isn’t right. Comedy Central is owned by Viacom which is owned by old-school Illuminati Sumner Redstone.

Interviewer: Katt Williams?

Rebecca Scott: As you noticed he disappeared! They tried to discredit him and say he went crazy too, but Katt got taken down! If you can function on drugs the powers that be will make sure you keep getting the drugs, but you are not supposed to start getting political and espousing anti-Illuminati rhetoric like exposing the gays in the industry! As long as you follow the game plan, the Illuminati don’t care if you get high, in fact they hope you kill yourself.

Interviewer: Jennifer Hudson?

Rebecca Scott: That was a ritual killing! The police reports are available they are public record. Her nephew Julian his hands were cut off and he was shot in the head! It’s one thing to kill a person and another thing to torture someone. He was the only one tortured. In the satanic rituals children represent sacrifices. Julian was shot in the head, tortured and his hands were cut off. Come on what was the point of that he wasn’t a gansta he was a little kid.

Interviewer: Rebecca, how did you get out?

Rebecca Scott: I never got out, they took me down! I came into the game as an artist and I rose up to become one of the most powerful women in hip hop. I had an office on West 42nd street. But the studio that I was using was owned by someone else, but we had full use of it. So one day I went out for coffee and I ran into this woman name Patricia Durst. Her family owned the Durst Corporation and they owned a lot of the property in Times Square. She approached me became very friendly with me and we would meet daily at the same time. Long story short, she offered to give me a million dollar suite for free since I was renting and sharing an office at the time. The property is called 4 Times Square now, but then it was called The Durst Building.

After I was there a couple of weeks a man came through with some artwork and he stated that Patricia had sent him and told him to ask me to keep it in my office until she had time to come and retrieve it. When she came by the following week she asked me if any of my artists were scheduled to go on tour. I pulled out the itinerary and we went over it. There were drugs were in the artwork. Long story short I begin to make drops for her while on tour. I must stress my artists (rapper KRS-1, dancehall artist Mad Lion and a couple of others) were unaware of my dealings with Durst! After getting to certain point I decided it was too risky and I did not want to be a part of it anymore. I was making $10,000 per delivery. Right before I was taken down Patricia’s brother was arrested in Pennsylvania for killing his neighbor. The year was 2000 and a lot of hip hop heads were rolling. The week after John Forte from the Fugees got busted for drug trafficking; I was busted. They set me up and long story short I did a 10 year bid in Feds. I am now also handicapped.

Interviewer: How did you become handicapped?

Rebecca Scott: When I got sentenced, they sent me to Oregon. The prison was run by rednecks and skinheads and I believe the orders were given to make my stay as difficult as possible. I was victimized on almost a daily basis for the first 5 years. I was hated there for 2 reasons. 1.) I was black 2.) I was wealthy at the time I went in. I was put in a cell that was shorter than my height. I am 5’8 the cell must had been 5’5. So for 5 years, I could not stand upright. A year after I was home from prison I noticed my legs were giving out on me and I was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy which I believe is a direct result of my treatment in prison.

Interviewer: Why do you think so many artists sell their souls for fame and allow themselves to be used by the Illuminati?
Rebecca Scott: The answer can be taken straight from the Bible. Matthew 7:13 “For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to hell, and many enter through it.”

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