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Saturday, March 3, 2012


In the ebook entitled, "LIFE AFTER THE DOWN LOW," Ingrid Michelle, the pen name of Ingrid Ellis, reveals a detailed account of sexual scandal that occurred at a very prominent church she attended with her then husband and Youth Pastor, Troyvoi (aka: “Bobby”) Hicks. Hicks, after watching a television program one evening with his wife sighed deeply and nervously confessed that he had exchanged “oral sex” with another man. The “other man” he exchanged “oral sex” with was EJ Hunter (aka: “Elliot”) who was in his youth group and whom Hicks had mentored.

EJ was considered to have had a “dancer’s body” which enticed a number of younger girls and adult women. He himself had been molested as a child and it was rumored had also been “emasculated by his mother.”

Troyvoi Hicks (above), a notable and accomplished educator was also the Youth Pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, CA under the senior leadership of Bishop Kenneth Ulmer (aka: “Pastor Dwight Carter); world-wide and world-respected leader. After the scandal of sexual impropriety with minors surfaced, Bishop Ulmer did what many high profile pastors do when scandal breaks out in their congregations, he covered it up.

The contents of the book LIFE AFTER THE DOWN LOW reveals the sexual scandal which occurred at this well-known church while maintaining the anonymity of its key perpetrators. However, after investigating the story further, many of the witnesses to the events have found it necessary to reveal the party’s true identities.

For Ingrid, it all started when she met Troyvoi during her college years. She’d become a part of the sorority, Sigma Gamma Rho, at Long Beach State University. After falling in love with Troyvoi he’d revealed he’d participated in gay sex, but assured her that by the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit he had changed. However, deeper issues would manifest revealing to Ingrid the depths of his depravity and lack of deliverance.

Sherri and her husband, Mykel (aka: Mekhi), had been long time friends with the Hicks Family, but tension between Troyvoi and Mykel eventually led to strain on their friendship and communication finally ceased. Their dwindling friendship would confuse close friends and family members.

News of sexual indiscretions between male members of Faithful Central –molestation cases between male leadership and youth group boys – had begun to surface at the office of Bishop Ulmer. After summonsing a meeting of leaders, Bishop Kenneth Ulmer discovered that his right hand minister and “Head of the Men’s Discipleship”, Pastor Charles Brooks (aka: “Pastor Corey Bennett”), had been caught in a compromising sexual situation with another male member in the Church.

In the book, Ingrid reveals Pastor Charles Brooks – now the Founding and Senior Pastor of A BETTER LIFE FELLOWSHIP in Baltimore, Maryland – was caught “laid on the couch snuggling like a man and woman with the lights dim” with another married man in the church; Greg King (aka: “Grant“). Witness to the act was Greg’s then wife, Felicia (aka: “Fawn“).

Felicia Lukas has since divorced and is now remarried. Wife of Pastor Charles Brooks, Renee, has remained married to Pastor Brooks.

As allegations and confirming rumors began to thicken, Bishop Ulmer called a Monday morning meeting at the Faithful Central Bible Church. The meeting’s agenda was not to address the acts revealed regarding Pastor Brooks and Greg King – but rather to discuss the allegations of inappropriate sexual activity between Pastor Brooks and another man under his leadership – Kevin Giles (aka: “Kyle“).

It had been exposed that Kevin Giles, along with a few other men of Faithful Central, were having “sexual relationships” with Pastor Charles Brooks –Kevin Giles was reported to have been in a 4 month relationship with Brooks.

Brooks, who had originally denied the allegations, was in the meeting revealed to have also had a sexual relationship with Troyvoi Hicks. It should be noted that Kevin Giles and Troyvoi Hicks also exchanged sex.

Kevin, while in relationship with Troyvoi Hicks (married to Ingrid) and Pastor Charles Brooks (married to Renee) was himself married to a woman by the name of Angela Giles (aka: “Nicole“). Angela has since divorced Kevin, but still bears his last name. When these salacious events took place, all were members at Faithful Central Bible Church.

It would later be revealed that Pastor Brooks had knowledge of the allegations against Troyvoi Hicks by the parents of one of Hicks’ fellow youth ministry group members – Ashley Rowen (aka: “Andrew Dawson“).

Ashley Rowen alleged he’d been “sexually molested” by Trayvoi Hicks to his parents – Ivan and Ronda Noel – and they wanted to determine if such was true. In the end, the Noel’s received a cash settlement, rumored to be between $200,000 and $300,000 dollars paid out by Faithful Central Bible Church under the leadership of Bishop Kenneth Ulmer.

No adult has been has been held accountable for these actions.

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