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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Religion Matters: Florida Pastor Calls For Mitt Romney To Renounce His “Racist” Religion… “Mormonism Is Prejudiced Against Blacks, Jews And Indians

A Florida pastor plans a news conference Monday to call on presidential candidate Mitt Romney to renounce his “racist” Mormon faith:

The Rev. O’Neal Dozier, senior pastor of The Worldwide Christian Center Church on Pompano Beach, Fla., says Democrats and President Barack Obama would use Romney’s “racist religion as a secret weapon” to attack the Republican in the general election.

“The Mormon religion is prejudiced against blacks, Jews and the Native American Indians,” Dozier says in a release previewing the news conference. “These allegations are substantiated and validated by the writings of the former prophets and seers of the Mormon church.”

What Dozier’s release doesn’t mention is that he’s a supporter of rival Republican contender Rick Santorum, and, according to news reports, an honorary chairman of his Florida campaign. The Santorum campaign on Friday touted Dozier as one of its conservative leader endorsements.

Santorum spoke in January at Dozier’s church, where the senior pastor noted that blacks will not vote for a Mormon because of the LDS faith’s racial history. Up until 1978, the Utah-based religion barred blacks from its all-male priesthood.

Do you think Mitt should renounce his religion or just ignore the pastor?

nope did my research on them a long time ago

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