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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sibling Rivalry Between Charlie and Rich Murphy

HSK Exclusive - Beef between the Murphy brothers has fizzled a television show, previously in the making. Nope…we’re not talking about Eddie – it’s the famous comedian’s brothers, Charlie and Rich, who are at the center of this sibling rivalry.

We’re told that’s why Hollywood director Desmond Gumbs walked away from the production of ‘Night Court with Rich Murphy’, starring Charlie Murphy – (a court-based television show) leading to the deal going sour.

Sources exclusively tell HSK Charlie is livid with Rich, because Rich was reportedly stealing from just about everyone attached to the now fallen project.
Here’s what HSK has learned about the messy situation:

“Charlie and his brother Rich don’t talk mo more because Rich ripped off Charlie. Desmond Gumbs was working through Rich Murphy to get to Charlie to develop ’Night Court’ and Rich stole a lot of the budget.

Charlie blames his brother Rich for the show not coming alive.”

When a sibling steals money from another family member can it separate the family? Of course it can! Don’t believe me.. Ron Isley.

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