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Saturday, March 31, 2012

What’s Raffles Van Exel’s Connection to Rihanna and Christina Milian? by Jacky Jasper

We’ve just learned infamous Hollywood conman Raffles Van Exel wasn’t only a man who enabled Rhianna’s drug habits, but he also used to smash Christina Milan (so, The-Dream could have very well collected Van Exel’s left-overs mane). Sources exclusively tell HSK Raffles Van Exel’s made his connection to Rhianna just this year, while he’s reported to have smash Milan back in 2005. Don’t believe me? Ask Stuart Bullard.
Here’s the tea from our inside source:

“Christina’s mother Carmen loves Raffles, but she didn’t know Raffles had sex with men while he was Christina’s boyfriend. During that time, a girlfriend of mine caught Raffles in bed with another man. Christina’s heart was shattered.

Raffles told everyone he knew about his great love affair with Christina. This was before she got married and had the kid.

Everybody knows Raffles.. I saw for myself onetime when Samuel L Jackson walked across the room to say hi to him. Denise Rich introduced me to Raffles, she was married to Marc Rich. Goggle their names and you’ll see that Raffs is connected. Denise Rich bills her self as a socialite.

It was Raffles that instigated the fight in Tru nightclub with Whitney and that other girl. That’s why Whitney was cussing Raffles out.

I wasn’t surprised when I heard Raffles was Rihanna’s handler too, she’s depressed and he knows how to make you feel safe when you’re high.”

Did Raffles van Exel talk OJ Simpson into writing the book “If I Did It”? Of course he did. Don’t believe me.. Ask Pablo Fenjves.

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