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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ask Jacky… Was There an Assasination Attempt on 50 Cent? by Jacky Jasper

I use to work in the music industry for about 8 years I quit last September and decided to change my life and give it to god.

I just want to let you and your readers know about the 50 cent assassination attempts. From my knowledge there were over 6 that were set up by execs, artist, and other people in the industry. Almost everyone at that time hated 50 cent with a passion, but so many people hated 50 that the news would get out about a hit on him and 50 would dodge a bullet literally. But the last hit attempt was found out by Eminem and the only reason 50 is alive today was because of Eminem.

The assassination was suppose to take place on August 30,2009. On that day 50 was suppose to be performing for his family day event in Jamaica Queens, but he got the word and even had Mayor Bloomberg take the blame for cancelling the event. See people think Bloomberg cancelled, nope it was 50 who called Mayor Bloomberg who is friends with Jimmy Iovine. Mayor Bloomberg even went as far as to pronouncing 50 cent name incorrectly to make it seem like he didn’t know who 50 cent was which was a lie.

The hit attempt started when Rick Ross earlier that year started a beef with 50 cent that Jayz ordered Ross to do because news of him being a correctional officer was leaking and the good people at Def Jam, Jay Z and his rich white friends tried to cover it up but it was too late. Once 50 got his hands on it and made it worldwide he clowned Ross to the extreme. So Jayz, Rick Ross, Gucci Pucci (Ross’s Manager/Handler), Diddy and other individuals and rappers had a bunch of meetings in planning the hit on 50 cent, but once word got out Eminem shut everything down and told every other label that if anything happens to 50 then the same will happen to their artist. Q Tip was so angry that the hit didn’t go thru that he publicly ripped Mayor Bloomberg, but Q tip made it seem like he was mad at the fact that 50 cent couldn’t have his day for the community but that was not the case he was mad because 50 was not dead.

Rick Ross album “Deeper than Rap” came out August 21,2009 it was suppose to come out after 50 died but once they got the news he wasn’t gonna perform they just decided to release the album earlier. Take a look at the album cover Ross is clearly dressed like a Mob boss going to a funeral. The initial plan was they were going to kill Sam Ferguson and 50 cent the same month then drop the album middle of September.

Sam Ferguson was the guy who wrote the story about Ross being a correctional officer in late 2008 but Ross just denied it. 50 was smart by bribing Ross baby mom into telling the truth about Ross and she sure did. So that plan by Jay Z back fired and Sam Ferguson ended up getting shot to death on august 17,2009. Rick Ross is not a good guy whatsoever he doesn’t even care about his own kids all he cares about is money. I’m from Philly and I’m saddened that Meek Mill is signed to that man. To me that will not end well. I have a feeling something bad will happen to Meek this year. I wish the music industry wasn’t this evil but it surely is. I witness and heard it all during my 8 years in the industry.

I don’t believe other entertainers in the music industry teamed up together to assassinate 50 Cent. Know why? Because everybody we’re talking about are millionaires. With that said, why would those one-percenters risk their freedom and fortune over a 50 Cent murder plot?

When I learned William “Rick Ross” Roberts was a former corrections officer, I saw his “gangsta” album “Rise To Power” shoot to platinum status (50 Cent beefing with Jay Z, Kanye, Rick Ross and Dr Dre were nothing more than publicity stunts (and clever marketing) to sell product.

Was Rick Ross involved in the death of Samuel Ferguson? I don’t think so. Know why? Because the streets are saying William “Rick Ross” Roberts is not cut from that cloth. I mean, Rick Ross is so fake, he took over the name of a real street dude, taking that man to court to win the rights of that name – to sell gangsta records.

I could be wrong, but that’s how I see the situation….
Hope I answered your question!

Yours Truly,


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