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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ask Jacky… Who Are the Industry’s DL Rappers?

Hi Jacky,

Not that I would ever anybody in the entertainment industry…but my question is who are the DL rappers in the industry?


I think the bigger question is this: Who are the straight Afro American celebrities? Don’t you agree?

Now, let’s play a game – I’ll name a few straight Afro American celebrities and you (the reader) see if you too can name a few…

Here I go…

1. Jacky Jasper
2. Danny Glover
3. Denzel Washington
4. Stevie Wonder
5. Morgan Freeman
6. Chuck D
7. Eric B
8. Professor Griff
9. Hakeem Olajuwon
10. Freddie Foxx

Your turn! Now, you name a few heterosexual Afro American celebrities…if you’re wrong, we will straight check you mane!
Thank you for chiming in…

Yours Truly,

Jacky J.

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