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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Boy leads police to bodies in Las Vegas home

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - Las Vegas Metro police said there had never been reports of trouble at a home where the bodies of a woman and young girl were found Monday morning. Officials were also at a loss to explain what led to the killings on Robin Street near Washington Avenue. A 9-year-old student at Mabel Hoggard Elementary came to the school on Monday and told adults his mother and sister were dead. That led police to the house on nearby Robin Street where the bodies were discovered. "They did in fact find that there were two individuals inside the home that were deceased," said Metro Public Information Officer Jay Rivera. An injured man and a 4-year-old boy were also in the home, authorities said. Clark County School District officials released a statement in the afternoon confirming one of the victims was a Hoggard Elementary student. "While we leave details of this tragedy to our police officials, the District has began mobilizing our crisis response team to help our students process this tragedy once the information becomes public," spokeswoman Amanda Fulkerson said in the statement. Police have not identified a suspect in the killings. Neighbors told FOX5 they saw the father being led from the home in handcuffs and covered in blood. But police won't say if he's a suspect. "Very shocked, because this is a pretty good neighborhood, it's an older neighborhood but everybody knows each other… and it's sad, very sad, because he's a good young man, he wasn't even 45 or 50. He was probably in his 30s," said Lucinda Jackson Griffin, who lives two doors down from where the bodies were discovered. The story has parents at Hoggard Elementary horrified. "It's really, really sad, you know that a baby have to see his mom and sister get killed," said Donna Eley, who has a student at Hoggard Elementary. Neighbors told FOX5 the family had three children, including a son that's between three and five. Those living on the block say both the wife and husband were friendly, and that they believed he worked as an electrician. Now some in this community say they'll be keeping the boy who reported the crime in their thoughts and prayers. "Well at least he had enough sense to come and tell someone and try and get some help," Eley told FOX5.

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