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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cherrelle Norton (Formally Mrs. Dana Gold) in Financial Turmoil by Jacky Jasper

HSK Exclusive - Word from the streets. Sources say the former wife of legendary drug kingpin Dana Gold is broke. Singer Cherrelle Norton, who married the notorious Los Angeles figure back in the 80′s, is reported to be reaching out to a long list of people she knows – asking to “borrow money“. Here’s the drop: “Cherrelle called Dana recently begging him for money, she’s calling everybody to borrow money. Jacky, Cherrelle is flat broke and it’s hard for her to grasp working a 9 to 5 job.” Check the clip below of the legendary drug kingpin Dana Gold telling his story… [cherrelle lady we might send u a couple of $] comments from story here Wasn’t Cherrelle Whitney Houston’s drug binge partner? I read a rumor, years ago, that the two would go on days long drug binges, locked up in a filthy apartment. Read that too Reply: April 24th, 2012 at 06:53 I read that too. So she married a big greasy cracka dope dealer, huh? SMH. Why don’t she ask her cousin Pebbles for money. They say she’s running some sort of church scam and getting paid off it. Wow, where do I start? Her episode of Unsung was one of the funniest (sad) because you could tell she was tweaking some. Some chicks on another site said that the Beverly Hills upbringing was a lie, she really grew up in Comptom. Not saying that we can’t live in nice places but back in those times, well-to-do Blacks mostly lived in Baldwin Hills/Ladera Heights area. The exceptions were the Sammy Davis Jrs that has STRONG ties to white folks. Anyway,I’d like to hear the REAL Pebbles story because on every interview she’s done, it’s like she wants to downplay what she did wrong (TLC deal) or it’s never mentioned at all. Heard that ministry was just a come-up because she lost a lot when she divorced L.A. Reid. Her daughter Ashley is a talented artist/photographer and last year, she told Black Enterprise magazine that the L.A.Reid/Pebbles association both hurts and helps her career. ay Whaaaaat! Reply: April 24th, 2012 at 13:29 Pebbles didn’t lose after the divorce that’s a rumor. The house was sold and she moved into her own mansion. She stays paid she won in court and receives royalties from the 2 TLC albums. Later her and the girls reconciled. She worth 8 million (celebrity net worth online) and that is not from her ministry. Pebbles did a standard production contract. Like JD with Xscape, En vogue they never saw a dime. TLC could have sued Pebbles and Laface it’s a conflict of interest to be managed by the wife and signed to a record company by the husband ask Donna Summer. [Reply]

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