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Monday, April 9, 2012

dre they putting the dirt out on u mane i mean the truth lol

But alot of you new-booties don’t know that the uber-producer was also in the group The World Class Wrecking Crew. It was during this time that he worked with future NWA bandmates DJ Yella, and Ice Cube. Easy E was in the picture, but he was a local drug dealer who frequented the club the group played in. The Crew had one radio hit called “Turn Off the Lights” featuring Dre’s “girlfriend and mother of one of his children.

Sidenote: I had no idea that Michel’le was the ex-wife who sued Suga for child support back in ’09. So you have kids by the two men who co-owned Death Row Records! RME!

So after the Crew fell off, Yella, Cube, Eazy E, and MC Ren came together to form NWA, and the manufactured Gangsta Rap was born. NWA stayed together until 1989 until Ice Cube left alleging that he and the other group members were being cheated out of royalties by Eazy, and the groups grimy manager Jerry Heller. Cube went to New York and came with the classic album Amerikkka’s Most Wanted, which was a huge commercial success.

Without their writer, NWA disbanded in 1991 after the release of the lackluster Efil4zaggin which is niggaz4life spelled backwards. Perhaps Ice Cube said it best on Death Certificate…

“you can’t be the Niggaz 4 Life Crew/with a white Jew/telling you what to do”, “you let a Jew break up my crew”, “get rid of that Devil real simple/put a bullet in his temple.”

Shortly after parting ways with Eazy and company, Dre partnered up with Suge Knight to form Death Row Records, which Suga ran with fear and intimidation tactics that led to him being knocked the fugg out by a barber in 2008

Sorry Suga Bear, but this still cracks me the f**k up!

Death Row was home to not only Dre who had the chronic, but Snoop Dog, Tha Dog Pound, Lady of Rage, Tupac Shakur, and a stable of artists that we didn’t care about. It was around this time that Dre began beefing with former label and bandmate Eazy E, who accused Dre of liking the boys more than he liked the girls. Labelmate and songstress Jewell also corroborated rumors that it was common knowledge that Dre kissed a boy and liked it when he was @ Death Row ;0)

This could also explain Dre’s reputation as a woman beater earned when he beat the crap out of Dee Barnes for having Ice Cube on her show Pump It Up. What’s with these closeted homo-thugs and beating on women?

However it wasn’t long before Dre was on the outs again. He left Death Row Records and formed his own label Aftermath, and introducing Eminem and Fifty Cent to the world. He also found himself acting in films like Training Day, The Wash, and Set It Off. But of course we all know that these celebs must pay their dues. In 2009, Dre’s oldest son Andre Jr. was found dead in his bedroom by his mother. The coroner ruled the death an accident from ingesting too much heroine and morphine.

One year later Dre secures a deal with HP worth 40 million dollars. He’ also has a pair of headphones named after him call Beats by Dre. The suckers cost anywhere from 2 to five hundred dollars a pop. Here’s a commerical with Dre promoting the three sixes…

Under Pressure

Knowing what agenda he’s pushing makes me nervous about these headphones. I’m convinced that these things feed subliminal satanic messages to those who wear them. I’m good!

lool i hear ya girl
by d

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