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Monday, April 9, 2012

i knew i was more 2 my girl phyliss hyman

Another contract was collected yesterday. Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room yesterday @ 3:55 pst. Whitney was staying at the Beverly Hills Hilton where she was scheduled to perform during Clive Davis’ annual Pre-Grammy party. Although no official cause of death has been reported due to a security restriction, the blogs have speculated that Whitney had taken the anti-anxiety drug Xanax and accidentally drowned in a tub of water. It is unclear who found Houston; some reports say it was her hairdresser and others claim it was her bodyguard. So let the lying and covering up begin.

I gotta admit, I was taken aback when I heard the news, however I was not surprised. I felt pretty much the same way when I heard that Michael was gone. She’d always been “there” and now she wasn’t. Silenced. Whitney had such a powerful voice and I liked her music since her debut.

Once again the “celebrities” have shown how low and disgusting they are. While Whit’s body languished in her hotel room, these self-centered egotistical bastards walked the red carpet for that much-needed photo-op. First of all, I’m sure that everyone was well aware that Whitney had passed, so out of respect for the woman, the party should have been cancelled! Period. How dare that demon Clive Davis tell us ” Whitney would have wanted the party to go on”. Okay so did she appear to you in ghostly form to tell you this Clive? Let’s keep it real…you have never given a red fuck about Whitney or anyone else, all you see is $$$$$$$$$$$$! She was a commodity to you, nothing more, and even in death she will be worth more $$$ to you than she was in life.

I hate to appear to jump at shadows but it has been proven time and time again that nobody living this Hollyweird lifestyle dies of natural causes. The old standby is usually death by overdose, cardiac arrest, or suicide and this is no different. They are also quick to add

There is an evil formula at work here. First the drug abuse. When you enter into the industry, it is a given that you will be offered some kind of drug, usually cocaine. They introduce you to it, supply your habit, then slap you in the face with it when you are thoroughly addicted. These entourages are put in place to keep you addicted by enabling your habits and to spy on you to the label execs. Your habit is then leaked to the press and the smear campaign begins. Once you are labeled a drug addict, then the “broke” rumours start. After that your mental and physical health is called into question. If you think about it, Whitney’s decline is much like that of Michael Jackson and many others who have gone before them. Ten or fifteen years from now it will be Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj. You see, the only thing that changes are the faces, but the game remains the same.

When you think of Whitney you think of the man who takes credit for her success. Clive Davis was responsible for molding and guiding Houston’s early career, but she wasn’t his first protegé to crash and burn. If you know good soul music, you know the name Phyllis Hyman. Just like Whitney, Hyman had an extraordinary voice. Phyllis was signed to Buddha who came under Arista’s ownership while Davis was president of the label. During the four years that Hyman was under Davis’ mentorship, the came to loathe each other. According to some, Phyllis was a very proud and opinionated woman who irked Davis, who is rumored to be a closeted homosexual pedophile. He wanted to control Hyman’s music, and she rebelled.

When it became clear that Davis couldn’t control Hyman, he dropped her in favor of Houston who was more than willing to be molded. She was very young and naïve when she was signed and was probably willing to do what Hyman clearly wasn’t. Hyman eventually ended up taking her own life, but I don’t think she was mentally ill, I think that was a smear campaign started by Clive the Queen. Hyman was also addicted to drugs.

Kelly Clarkson also had issues with Clive and she made it public knowledge. Apparently, he wanted her to stick with her pop formula, and she wanted to go in a different direction. I’m sure that he blackballed her, forcing her to play nice and he probably made her throw in a blow job on top of it.

I think that Whitney at some point some years back must have grown tired of being under Davis’ control, when she snubbed him by not attending some event. I’m not sure of the specifics, maybe one of you guys can help me out on this one. I believe it was right before her infamous interview with Illuminati pawn Diane Sawyer but once again I’m not sure. If my theory is correct was that interview her “punishment” for that snub?

Last I heard, it’s going to take six to eight weeks before Whitney’s toxicology reports come back from the lab, so of course there will be an update once that happens. In closing I want to say that Whitney is finally free!

I can’t help but think that maybe Davis had something to do with Whitney’s body not being taken from the hotel before the festivities began. Seems like he let the party go forward having the last laugh, and dancing on her grave. Although he may seem remorseful over her death, I’m sure that he knows that he will make more money off her now than he ever has in the past. As for Bobbi Kristina being rushed to the hospital…nothing a few electro-shocks and cattle-prodding won’t cure. She was released after a few hours and is good as new.

It’s three days later and I still feel like I’ve been gut punched. Bobbi Kris rushed to the hospital twice for “stress” and “anxiety”? Did you guys catch Chaka Khan on Piers Morgan last night? I’m so happy that someone stood up for Whitney by questioning the decision to go ahead with the party while Whits body was upstairs. She also said that the music industry was demonic and that Whit’s mother feared for her daughters life, and now they fear for Bobbi Kristina. Have you all noticed that each and every special on Whitney repeats the details about her drug abuse over and over again? It’s as if that’s the thing they want us to remember most about her. They imply that Bobby Brown was responsible for her drug addictions when in fact, she was on drugs before she met him. My respect level for Chaka just went up 200%. A majority of the celebs are too afraid to go against Clive Davis for fear of being blackballed, but Chaka had the balls to speak out and tell the truth! Class act! It just goes to show that although these celebs claim that Whitney was such an inspiration blah blah blah, but you weren’t inspired enough to stay out of the camera as tribute.

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