The Spook Who Sat By the Door The Spook Who Sat By the Door

Monday, April 9, 2012


During the early morning hours of September 5, 1982 Johnny D. Gosch who was then 12 years old disappeared while on his way to begin his early morning paper route in Des Moines, Iowa where he lived with his mother Noreen Gosch. Fifteen years later, a twenty-seven year old Johnny reappeared at his mother’s house with a friend. He then told his mother what happened the day of, and since his abduction fifteen years before. According to Noreen, Johnny claimed that he was taken off the street and sold into a life of gay prostitution, and sexual espionage involving some of the most prominent, high-level politicians, foreign dignitaries, and business men in Washington D.C, including dear President Bush the elder.

Johnny also told his mother that although he’d escaped the infamous and supposedly extinct MK Ultra Program, they would soon discover he was missing and be after him so he had to leave. Johnny asked his mother to chronicle his story in an attempt to expose the CIA, Washington officials and everyone who had anything to do with the far-reaching pedophile sex ring that he’d been forced to become a part of. Noreen Gosch wrote a book doing just that called “Why Johnny Can’t Come Home” and is now in a legal wrangle with a shady character named John Zielinski over the rights and remaining inventory of her book which he claimed to have written a majority of. As of this post, the outcome of this case (if there is one) is not known. Now considering the fact that most Americans are like Ostrich with their heads buried in the sand, and would sooner drink lye than admit that this type of thing is going on, I don’t think this book would be on the New York Times Best Seller’s List, and few if any people have even heard of the Johnny Gosch case, why would someone want to take Gosch’s book away? Could it be so that the truth could be swept back under the rug?

During the 1980’s Lawrence E King had it all. He was managing the Franklin Community Credit Union, while he and his wife Alice enjoyed a life of luxury which exceeded his salary. King was also a black republican, and was active in politics. During the 1980’s, King was the fastest rising star in the Republican Party, and sang the National Anthem at two Republican National conventions.

Not all that surprising when you consider who his friends were. Men like Harold Andersen who published the Omaha Herald, the former chief of the Omaha police force, Craig Spence, Lt. Colonel Oliver North, President Ronald Reagan, and Vice President George Bush, Sr. King would often commute between Omaha and Washington, D.C. where he rented a house off of Embassy Row for 5k per month and hosted lavish parties for the areas prominent politicians, and other men of power.

In October of 1988 the FBI and the IRS raided King’s offices at the Franklin Credit Union where they not only discovered 40 million dollars unaccounted for, but also a secret bedroom. What started off as a clear case of financial foolery, evolved into a sordid tale involving a notorious pedophile prostitution ring. In partnership with Spence, and Andersen, King was taking children from the orphanage Boy’s Town and transporting them to Washington D.C in private planes to be used as sexual pawns in order to blackmail those political figures into pushing their agendas. It was implicated that King was furnishing photos of men having sex with under-aged children to the CIA. Although King was sentenced to serve fifteen years, it was only on charges of embezzlement. The more sordid dealings were never brought into the equation, although the Washington Times devoted a week to the story in July of 1989. When you consider the men that were accused of attending King’s sex parties, it’s no wonder why they wanted to suppress the story. Men like journalist Ted Koppel, William Casey, and George Bush himself.

King served ten years of his sentence and was released. He relocated to the Washington D.C. area where he was planning to open another Boy’s Town.

The Following is an excerpt from an article that ran in the Washington Times on July 26, 1989….

Four months after this story appeared in the Washington Times, Craig Spence was found dead in a room at the luxurious Ritz Carlton Hotel. They called it suicide, I call it poetic justice. If only all pedophiles would take their own lives…

In 1999, Paul Bonacci who was forced to participate in the King/Spence pedophile venture testified that not only was he working as a child prostitute and was being used in sexual espionage by King, but he was involved in Johnny Gosch’s kidnapping and molestation in 1982. Bonacci also testified that he was repeatedly raped by attendees of the annual pedophile fest that goes on at the Bohemian Grove, accurately describing the “Cremation of Care” ritual around the gargantuan owl statue “Moloch”.

Bonacci also said that he witnessed the murder of a child used for ritual sacrifice in a snuff film. Hunter S Thompson was named as the director of that film, and is now deceased. Did he kill himself so that he wouldn’t have to deal with the outcome of his actions? Not only was he involved in child pornography, but a witness to murder. Or, was he taken out of the game in order to shut him up for all time? They say dead men tell no tales, but they also say that everything you do in the dark will come to light. Bonacci was awarded a one million dollar judgment against King who stole his childhood, but it is not known if he’s been able to collect.

On January 26, 2005 while attending a White House briefing, Jeff D Gannon rasied the eyebrows and suspicions of his fellow journalists. Although they found no background in journalism, what they did find out is that Jeff D Gannon was also James D Guckert, and was a gay male escort who had gone by the name of Bulldog. Upon further investigation it was discovered that although his credentials were fraudulent, and he’d been turned down for a congressional press pass, he was given almost unlimited access to the white house for two years. According to a log of White House visitors, Gannon/Guckert had often checked in and not out and vice versa. So what the hell was a gay male escort doing in the white house, sometimes for hours at a time, and on days when there were no briefings scheduled?

Bonacci’s testimony regarding the elder Bush participating in the sodomy of young boys has been corroborated by at least two other young girls who were used as child prostitutes and testified that George Bush was indeed at parties held at Kings house where sodomy took place. This is an undated picture of Bush with a boy looking a lot like Johnny Gosch close behind.

It was also said that Colonel Michael Aquino paid to have Johnny kidnapped. The same Michael Aquino that was partly responsible for the programming of Cathy O’Brien. Cathy speaks of Aquino in her book “Tranceformation of America” where she chronicles her life as a sex slave and drug mule for the United States government

People like Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, and Rusty Nelson have said at one time or another that they indeed believe that James Guckert/Jeff Gannon are in fact Johnny Gosch. For one thing these gentleman share the same initials. Another clue is that despite having had plastic surgery to alter his appearance and shaving his head, Gannon shares some of the same markings on his body as Johnny. I once read that no matter how much plastic surgery someone has it will not change the area around the eyes. In that area the two men do look like they are one in the same. So what’s the deal here? Is Jeff Gannon one of many multiples of the core person Johnny Gosch?

There are way too many coincidences surrounding this case and the players are all connected in some way. Is Johnny/Jeff still working for the CIA and the government. In fact if the child in that picture is in fact Johnny Gosch, and if Johnny had been in the presence of George Bush during his presidency, of course he would have had contact with George Bush, Jr. and when Jr. took on the role as President of the United States it is totally logical that Jeff Gannon would be planted as a White House journalist to the President’s advantage. Or is Johnny/Jeff working to expose these sick pedophiles and what they did to him on the sly? Another question that has been nagging at me is that if the CIA is responsible for Johnny Gosch’s kidnapping, how many of the other children that were abducted were split, programmed and put into service as sexual pawns, and operatives. How many of them are still walking this Earth doing the governments evil bidding? What about your doctors, lawyers, police chiefs, journalists, congressmen, senators, religious figures, pop stars, actors, and others?

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