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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

jack back lol

The latest artist to sign with Young Money is back at her hoish ways again. She has been frequently offering her 'almost' free sexual services to both Lil' Wayne and Birdman within a period of six months which is the main reason why she is at war with Shanell. Let's not forget that her ex boyfriend of the Miami production duo C&D who recently signed to Cash Money Records is pretty down for Shanell. It really bugs her to notice that the guy just carries on with is life and isn't the sucker he used to be for her anymore. That too, she is not having. That's why she is flaunting her pseudo relationship with Weezy and Birdman to his face at any given opportunity.

Having Lil' Wayne calling her 'Petite yellow ruby gemstone" or 'Golden Head' and praising her LSLH features day in day out, got her thinking that she is the next of king after Nicki Minaj whom she tries really hard to befriend by inviting her to grab something to eat or getting her to go shopping. Nicki being the smart woman she is, has been quick to shut her down like 'You're really cute and all but I don't know you like that so stop disturbing my peace and just do what you're here for'

For now, Weezy and his daddy seem to have found a new 'lust' interest so they are having fun at lavishing her with gifts and money. I wonder why Diddy did not make her his second mistress since he seemed to enjoy the wonderful threesomes with her and Cassie so much. I guess Cassie wasn't letting that happen!

Now Shanell is so fed up that she is balancing opposing factors in order to reach a conclusion/choice and leave because she feels like Weezy played her big time.

Well..we all wish her luck don't we?

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