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Friday, April 27, 2012

Jamie Foxx and Will Smith Caught Canoodling During Film Wrap Party April 27th, 2012

HSK Exclusive - Intimate celebrations were in order between Will Smith and Jamie Foxx, during the movie wrap party of “Ali”. That’s according to one insider who says he spotted the pair getting up close and personal with one another, in a private area of the House of Blues Hotel. Don’t believe me.. Ask Michael Mann. Here’s your sizzling hot Friday morning tea: “After the movie ‘Ali’ wrapped filming in Chicago, Director Michael Mann hosted a wrap party at the House of Blues hotel which has a bowling alley next door. He bucked the usual Hollywood trend because he’s originally from there – so many crew and extras were from the Chi as well. Jamie Foxx and Will Smith were there, laughing and joking and mixing with everyone. At one point, they both disappeared. People started dipping off into the various rooms, nooks and crannies of the spot. Low and behold, we walk into a 900 square foot room with ample seating, and Jamie is sitting in the same chair as Will Smith (on his lap). He jumps up when the door flings open, looking like a 14-year-old girl whose daddy came flying down the basement stairs unexpectedly. They tried to play that stuff off like they planned it to get a laugh. It clearly was not staged. They s was busted. They left separately, shortly after that, hoping nobody said boo. Cell phones didn’t have cameras or it would have been on.” Did Will Smith’s ex-wife Sheree Zampino and his assistant catch him in bed back in the day with Benny Medina? Of course they did. Don’t believe me.. Ask the bisexual actor Tyrin Turner.

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