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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jamie Foxx & Tyrese Gibson Hire Henchmen to Attack Jacky Jasper!

It seems that Jamie Foxx and Tyrese Gibson are looking to cause a ruckus of bullying against yours truly…

This past Friday, I received a telephone call from one of Tyrese’s soldiers (whose name I passed on to my attorney). It seems that Tyrese threw a temper tantrum after reading HSK’s report of Michael Bay’s cease and desist demand of Tyrese. (Let’s note: Whenever a white journalist reports negatively about Tyrese’s poor acting, he deals with it.)

About 5:30PM Monday, a seemingly ecstatic Tyrin Turner called me saying, “They got you uh?” I had no idea what dude was talking about. That’s when he broke it down saying, “You didn’t see a Nicca named JC in Coffee Bean?” I explained to dude that I don’t even drink coffee, adding that I even tell chics how coffee is bad for their nerves. Ty immediately gave me the dirt explaining, “Jacky, the lying Nicca said he saw you at Coffee Bean and he socked you up!” I responded by saying, “I hope Jamie didn’t pay him!” This just before our phone call dropped.

This sort of Hollywood Illuminati stuff reminds me of a Star Trek episode. Know why? Because just like when Captain Kirk and his crew found out the big bad monster terrorizing their space ship was nothing more than a little boy, the Hollywood Illuminati monster are really just a group of twenty or more gay men who are afraid to come out of the closet – yet they’re inside a huge room, holding the keys to Tinseltown’s matrix. Don’t believe me.. Ask Clive Davis.

P.S. Martyrs are not afraid of the so called boogeymen. (But I am wise, so I’ve allied myself with mainstream media.) So, am I a martyr? I don’t think so. Know why? Because I look at myself as the people’s journalist. Don’t believe me.. Ask Antoine Fuqua’s baby momma, Ruth Jimenez

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