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Monday, April 30, 2012

John Legend was Kanye West’s Jump-off yes just ask wine-o in 9-11

John Legend may openly date models, but that doesn’t mean he’s not playing for the boys! Know why? Sources from the Windy City exclusively tell HSK John Legend and Kanye West once has a secret sex relationship which ended back in 2008. Don’t believe me? Ask Dame Dash. Here’s some sizzling hot Mid-West tea: “Those close to Legend have constantly advised him to get a girlfriend so not to damage his brand. Well he did, but he continues to hang out with extremely feminine male friends. One Sisqo-looking dude in your crew can perhaps be overlooked, but four brightly dressed, Merlot-sipping, Murse (man purse) carryin’, skinny jean wearin’ queens, are bad for a nigga’s street rep. An L.A. recording engineer spotted the crew a few months back and it made him recall two days of recording with John and Kanye where ‘very little work got done because they giggled and behaved like a couple on a date. They seemed content to just be in each other’s company. Ye appeared to be the dominant one – kind of like a babe on Bad Girl’s Club. It was odd because Kanye is normally a beast in sessions, going hard for hours and hours on end. Shortly after this they both began going on public dates with women and HSK has noticed that they have taken care to be spotted together much less frequently mane. The real question is, was there a lovers spat in 2008?” Did John Legend begin dating beard – oops girlfriend Christine Teigen – to help dispel gay rumors that have dogged him since his work with Slum Village? Of course Christine Teigen is John Legend’s beard. Don’t believe me.. Ask Fonzworth Bentley

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