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Friday, April 27, 2012

Lisa Raye Smashed HIV-Infected Magic Johnson to Get Put On

HSK Exclusive - Word from the streets of Chicago… Lisa Raye seems to have no problem with playing Russian roulette with her life. Know why? Sources say even though “The Real McCoy” was fully aware Magic Johnson was infected with HIV, the actress had no qualms with letting the NBA legend smash her – Raw Dog! That’s the distance Raye reportedly went, all to get into the entertainment business. Don’t believe me.. Ask Gary Payton. Here’s the sizzling hot tea surrounding Lisa Raye prostitution of herself to an HIV-positive Erving Magic Johnson: “Back when Lisa Raye (then McCoy) was a struggling actress in Chicago, she was desperate to get put on. She was messing around with comic Deon Cole (who now works as the only black writer of the Conan late-night show) at the time. She got to meet Magic Johnson, who was using the pick-up line, “I will manage you”, to get new jump-offs. Lisa jumped straight at the casting couch with her legs wide open. “Players Club” came next – along with Bernie Mac and Ice Cube. Word is Magic made her go raw dog multiple times. Lisa became the cornerstone of Magic’s client list.” Why does Lisa Raye wear white all the time? I don’t know, but I do know those who are practicing Santeria wear white for an entire year during their initiation period. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jennifer Lopez. by jacky j

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