The Spook Who Sat By the Door The Spook Who Sat By the Door

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Man took photos of the UFO that abducted him - Looks impressive!,

This guy took pictures of his abductors after being returned from their craft - here in this interview, he tells his story which I must admit does sound pretty genuine however, I'm no expert. So perhaps the UFO junkies can throw some light on this.
There are many questions here as always with these videos but showing the spacecraft together with US Jets (Pics) scrambling around it - Well - guess those who can will be able to see if this is the real McCoy.

In the video he also shows pics of little aliens but these could have been imposed on the film easily so I'm not really taken with that - the information he says he obtained is pretty scary especially as this was supposed to have happened in 1988 and he talks of a New World Order/One Government. He also talks of a meteor impact that is coming.

The following is one of the responses from below the video.

My main question here is - 'Why leave it till now to come out with his story and evidence' - Yes it could be because of the fear of ridicule but ????

TextI At first I didn't believe this man but when he mentioned that there will be a one world governement I believed him because they reffered to the New World order,how would this man know about this if back then the secret societies never spoke about it,no one ever heard about the New World order until arround 1991

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