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Friday, April 27, 2012

Money Makin’ Matrimony-dom: Seal Allegedly Wants To Take Half Of Soon-To-Be Ex-Wife Heidi Klum’s $70 Million Bank Roll!!

Seal Reportedly Wants Half Of Heidi Klum’s Fortune In Divorce Settlement HEIDI KLUM’s divorce from SEAL is erupting into an ugly battle as the “Kiss From a Rose” singer prepares to go after a huge chunk of her $70 million fortune, say sources. The 38-year-old supermodel filed for divorce April 6, stating they have a post-nuptial agreement, which means they agreed to keep their assets completely separate during their marriage. But Seal has struck back, filing his own documents that make no mention of their post-nup, yet note that California is a community property state — which could entitle him to half of the beauty’s megabucks. “Even though they may have had a post-nuptial agreement, it appears that Seal is going to challenge it,” said a legal strategist. “If he is successful, it could mean big bucks for him in their divorce. “Seal could go after half of everything his wife earned during the marriage. “He could also own a piece of her career for years to come since any contract she signed while they were together would be considered community property.” To complicate matters, in december 2010, Heidi and Seal bought a $13.4 million house in Brentwood, Calif. under community property rules, Seal would be entitled to half its value if he successfully challenges the post-nuptial agreement. Is this karma coming back for Heidi for kickin Seal to the curb, or is Seal breaking a man-law asking for his lady’s gwap?? Image via WENN

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