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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ne-Yo’s Mama Lorraine has a Violent Past by Jacky Jasper

HSK Exclusive - The woman who Ne-Yo calls ‘mom’ is no stranger to court orders which distance her from her loved ones. Know why? Because insiders say her ex-husband sought a restraining orders against his baby momma Lorraine, during Ne-Yo’s high school days at Cheyenne High. That’s when Lorraine is reported to have frequently beat her ex-husband — that is, until he slapped her with a restraining order.
Here’s the drop:

“Ne-Yo’s mom can’t keep a man. When Ne-Yo was in high school here in Vegas, Lorraine was married, but husband left her for another chick, and stuff got real ugly. I’m talking busted windows, people getting jumped. Turns out she’s the violent type, and likes to put hands on men.”

Is Ne-Yo’s mom Lorraine a raging alcoholic? Of course she is. Don’t believe me.. Ask T-Pain.

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