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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oprah is Not as Innocent as You Think… by Jacky Jasper

Perhaps Oprah’s association with Raffles van Exel was part of the reason Patricia Houston got a pass during that OWN Network publicity event.

The following has been confirmed:
Raffles stole $25k from George Benson
George Benson had to issue Raffles a cease & desist from claiming to be Benson’s son
Raffles stole $200k in jewelry and cash from Film Executive
Raffles stole a mac book pro and some LV sunglasses from a client he was doing PR work for.
Raffles took and sold ALL the Whitney Houston death photos to the tabloids
Raffles conned Dutch singer into believing she was invited to perform at a 9/11 memorial event he was producing (never happened)
Raffles uses a fake California drivers license with his photo and his partner Stuart Bullard’s info
Raffles is/was a frequent source for TMZ (and American media when the price was right)
Raffles robbed a friend of Dennis Rich
Raffles claims he was molested by Billy Preston
Raffles stalked a young Dutch actor (Danny de Monk: before he moved to the USA)
Raffles enters the country illegally
Raffles extorted and then robbed Steven Seagal after having lived with him for a short time
Raffles picked up drug deliveries for Whitney and Bobby B.
Raffles sold a story to the tabloids that confirmed Oprah and Gayle were in fact lesbian lovers

Plus much more HSK still has to keep under-wraps while its verified and receipts are sought, but we know with certainty that at least one victim has reported Raffles to the Beverly Hills PD.

So, in conclusion; are people currently helping to cover up and protect Raffles? Of course they are! Don’t believe me.. Ask Harvey Levin

but hey isnt this the same guy that was messing with men to?? rich wht u doing hanging with these dude ???????

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