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Monday, April 2, 2012

Raffles van Exel Connected To Gay Mafia!

HSK Exclusive - We’re getting word Raffles van Exel (real name: Raffles Dawson) was once a gigolo who catered exclusively to male clientele. I would tell you to ask Michael Jackson’s former attorney Peter Lopez, but back in 2010, he was found dead from a gun shot to his head. Don’t believe me.. Ask the blackmailer, Raffles Van Exel.

Many of you reading this (yeah you too Star Jones) have heard the story about David Geffen sending his limo to pick Raffles up for a party the music mogul was holding. Only, as Raffles tells it, the party was just for the two of them. Three seperate sources have confirmed to HSK that back in the 90′s Raffles worked as a male escort.

The video of Jermaine Jackson above was filmed in 2002, and was used to support a con Raffles was pulling over on the Dutch singer Connie (here). Jermaine looks like he is being held hostage by Al Qeda while he reads their demands. Was Jermaine also being extorted by Raffles van Exel. The event Jermaine is inviting Connie to perform at was later determined to be a scheme. Was Jermaine complicit or just a victim?
Take a sip of this hot tea that was also served:

“Raffles learned a lot of his game from Dr Tohme, primarily the art of blackmailing. Raffles was a male prostitute, so he got a lot of information – and he knows a lot of celebrity secrets.

Eric Calloway from the Chicago Defender and Raffles have had a longtime relationship. When in Chicago Raffles can always be found at Earl’s house. Raffs is literally in bed with the press.

It was Raffles who sold the story to the tabloids, telling of Oprah and Gayle King’s secret love affair. I overheard him on the phone doing the deal. What kills me is that, I know Oprah and Gayle know it was Raffles who sold them out, but why are they still protecting him?

Raffles van Exel is currently shacking up with Dr. Tohme Tohme, he’s staying at Dr. Tohme’s house – across from the Bel Air Hotel. Last week Wednesday, Raffles and Dr. Tohme were both seen leaving Dr Tohme’s house in Michael Jackson’s Bentley.

Joe Jackson is looking for that Bentley, the Jackosn Estate is in a legal battle right now with Dr. Tohme.

Raffles is now riding around Los Angeles in a protective truck, I’ll send you a picture of the vehicle.”

Are Raffles van Exel and Dr. Tohme gay partners in crime, blackmailing Hollywood celebrities? I don’t know, but next time I see Jermaine Jackson I’ll ask him.

The BIGGEST question left unanswered is still, Why are some celebrities and media outlets still protecting Raffles who is a known liar, cheat, thief, enabler and fraud?

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